Meet the Sullivans: Diaper Bag Essentials from Julie of The Chirping Moms!

February 21, 2013

Diaper Bag Essentials from Julie of The Chirping Moms!

I'm so excited to be here today on Meet the Sullivans!  I'm Julie, co-writer of The Chirping Moms.  I'm due next month with my third baby, our first sweet baby girl.  I'm also the mom to two wild, but loving, little boys:  ages four and two.  

When Colleen was looking for bloggers to write a guest post about "diaper bag" essentials, I was so excited to share our list with you all!  We had it in our blog schedule, with a great feature about my new "favorite" diaper bag created by Wild Sprout Design.  If you head over to our featured post, you can enter our giveaway to win an awesome bag of your own from Wild Sprout Design through February 28th!  It's SUPER CUTE!!!!!  

This is my third diaper bag for my third baby and by far, my FAVORITE diaper bag I have ever had!!!!!!!!  Isn't it the most gorgeous diaper bag you have seen?!?!  And I love all the built in storage pockets to help keep the many baby supplies organized!

Now on to the diaper bag essentials...I am going to have get myself adjusted to life with a  sweet newborn, as I have been a "purse" mama with my two boys for the past year!  I am trying to keep it pretty simplistic as I have to keep the bag stocked for myself, a four year old, a two year old, and a here is what I would call my diaper bag " baby essentials":

  • 2-3 Extra Diapers
  • Travel Wipe Case:  I have two shops that I recommend for some cute wipe cases:  Starr Designs (the one that I currently carry in my purse shown here) and Harper's House.
  • Portable Changing Pad:  Mine came with a previous diaper bag so I will be reusing!
  • Change of Clothes (or two!)
  • Extra Pacifiers: You just never know when you will need them.  And the one time you don't have them is when you will need them the most!
  • Feeding Essentials:  Nursing Cover, Bottle/Formula
  • Lovie/Small Toy:  Love our monogram taggie from That's Sew Lucy.  And a great coupon code for you...10% off all orders from That's Sew Lucy for the month of February using coupon code:  CHIRPINGMOMS2013.
  • Burp Cloth/Bibs:  Luna and Bean and Three Little Beans makes some adorable ones!
  • Small Blanket:  Great for playgroups or places where baby will be out of carrier for a longer amount of time or keep snuggled in the stroller on walks through town.

Here are my diaper bag "sibling essentials":
  • Snacks:  Some of our favorites include the Go Go Squeez applesauce, Individual sized bags of crackers/graham crackers, Dried fruit, and a few lollipops to survive those tough tantrums!
  • Small toys or books:  Usually a few trucks and books and my boys are good to go!
  • Extra diapers/underwear for older ones
  • Extra pacifiers

Here are my diaper bag "mom essentials":
  • Wallet:  Trust me, I have left my wallet at home many times!
  • iPhone:  Again, I have left my phone at home many times too!
  • Lotion/Hand Sanitizer:  For kids and myself!
  • Snacks for myself/Chewing Gum:  Don't worry, some meals just have to be on the go!
Hope you enjoyed our "diaper bag essentials" and thanks Colleen for sharing some space on your blog with us!  


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