Meet the Sullivans: Sweet Little Gift for the Moms & Girlfriends in Your Life

February 8, 2013

Sweet Little Gift for the Moms & Girlfriends in Your Life

Valentine's Day isn't just for the significant other in your life--it can be for your girlfriends, sisters, aunts and of course moms too! My mom, sister and I always exchange a lil something on Valentine's Day. My mom and dad always gave Kathee and I something, like chocolate or perfume, to celebrate the special day.

Today while Owen and I were running a few errands at the mall we did a quick swing through Cost Plus World Market. Don't you just love that store? They have the greatest seasonal stuff. I was browsing through the V-day candy / gifts / decor and found a cute little hodge podge of stuff for my mom and sis.

Mimosa / Belgian Heart Truffle / Sniff Tissues / Lindt Truffle

The single item that got me started with this little grouping was the adorable mimosa in a can. How cute is that? A mimosa in a can! Brilliant. I'm kind of mad at myself for not buying myself one too. The other three little things were just add-ons after I found the mimosas. I'm also going to pick up a Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candle for each of them--we're all obsessed with all the different scents! 

I also picked up some pink and white bakers twine to tie it all up in along with some treat bags I already had on hand from Michael's a few years ago. I always knew I'd end up using those! 

I hope you're making plans for sweet surprises for those you love! Happy Friday, friends!

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