Meet the Sullivans: Brain Dump + Lately

March 13, 2013

Brain Dump + Lately

 1. Have you see this? Brach's is now selling bags of all black jelly beans. The black is everyone's favorite flavor anyway, so why not? Only thing is they don't look very Eastery. I am totally ready for it to be Spring / Easter. I have most of Owen's Easter basket items purchased and once I get it all together I'll be sharing it here on the blog! Please share yours too and remember to link up with Darci at The Good Life for her Easter Basket Blog Hop

2. Everyone in our house has had the stomach flu in the last week or so. It all started with Keith and worked its way down to me. Owen didn't get it too bad, which I am so so so thankful for. I am also thankful for my sister-in-law Kelly, mother-in-law, sister and sweet husband who all helped take care of Owen while I was out of commission. What would I do without family?

3. I won the book The Happiness Project from a giveaway on Always a Blogsmaid. I have heard so many great things about this book and know many people who have enjoyed it. I'm still reading The Paris Wife, as I got a little sidetracked in my mission to read because I was hooked on Downton Abbey. Well, I finally finished the third season of Downton (I'm so sad for Mary and she and Matthew's little baby boy), so I'm back to reading. Have you read either book?

4. We've been playing outside so much lately and we are loving it! Most afternoons, weather permitting, we head out front after lunch to play in the front yard. We blow bubbles, throw balls, play with the hose, check out leafs and little rocks, watch ants, listen to birds, etc. It is one of my favorite times of day and Owen's too. 

5. With our whole little family being sick lately we've probably had the television on too much lately. As a result we all have the theme songs to Owen's favorite shows imbedded in our heads. I think I've finally managed to get them unstuck from mine. Theme songs for kids' shows are so catchy aren't they?

6. By the weekend we were all feeling 100%, so we took advantage of the beautiful weather! We picked up sandwiches and headed to the Pulgas Water Temple. If you live in the area you've probably driven by it and know what it is. It's basically a large grassy park right on the Crystal Springs Reservoir. We ate, played on the hill and just followed Owen around while he explored. We had the place all to ourselves for most of our time there. Owen thought it was so funny to walk down the hill. I think the pull of the gravity as he headed down was a new and interesting sensation for him. 

7. I'm telling you Monday really was a great day, because I also went for a pedicure. I could have really used a nap, but this was better. I felt so relaxed afterward. I think having a pedicure is one of my very favorite things to do. I would go every week if I could. I got my favorite color OPI Mod About You. I really should just buy my own bottle! 

8. I've started using a box grater to grate up some fruits and veggies for Owen's meals. Taking the time steam and chop the veggies that he would inevitably not eat was such a chore. I don't know why I didn't think of using a box grater before. 

Owen's favorite foods are cheeses and carbs, so I've been really trying to expand his palate. I read somewhere that the variety of foods a chid has in the first 18 months of their life can make them a picky eater or not. I may already have a picky eater but we try at every meal to have him eat some veggies or fruit. Some days he'll eat oranges, and the next day he won't. 

9. The housekeepers came today! I love and hate when they come. I hate it because it takes a lot of work to put everyone's things away so they can clean and then having to make sure we are out of the house when they come. And I love it because when the day is done we have a clean and neat house. It's all worth it in the end! #firstworldproblems

 10. How cute is this mint blazer (the mint color is only available in stores right now)? I tried it on today at Nordstrom and wasn't sure about it, but now I think I need to go back and get it. It's really light and comfortable and is a little longer in the back than in the front. It would be perfect for Summer over a cute maxi dress or even dressed up a bit for a night out.

11. For the longest time I've been wondering how people get their veggies and cheeses to have that zig-zag wavy look. I knew it was some sort of neat tool and not hours of fancy knife work, but couldn't find something like it anywhere--not even Williams-Sonoma. Well, I finally found one at Marshall's, of all places. 

 12. Owen is dropping a nap--I'm sure of it. He has been fighting us so hard for naps and at bedtime for the last 5 days or so. It took me a whole hour to get him down for a nap this morning and then he just wouldn't relax for one this afternoon. Looks like he'll be a once a day napper from now on. Tomorrow I'm going to try to see if I can get him to skip the morning nap and take a long-ish afternoon nap since that's the  way I'd prefer it. Does it work that way though? Can I train him to be an afternoon napper? Or do I have to just go with the flow? 


Jenny @ said...

I purchased the Happiness Project but haven't gotten more than a chapter in. I started reading it right after having baby #2 and may have been distracted. :) Might try again.

My kids would take a morning nap but would fight us for the afternoon. So, one day I just decided I would keep them up in the morning (as tiring as that was at first) it equaled in a 3 hour nap in the afternoon which was heaven!
So, I believe they can be trained.

Samma said...

Ugh- we are in the same spot with that morning nap. Some days it's a go, and others she won't have it. I'm just ready for it to be one way or the other! Cute blazer!

Julie Rogers said...

Oh, I totally want to read The Happiness Project and The Paris Wife, if only I could find some time:)