Meet the Sullivans: Owen is 14 Months!

March 20, 2013

Owen is 14 Months!

You may be thinking It seems like just yesterday I read "Owen is 13 Months", well you probably did, because I was THAT behind in blogging monthly updates.

Dear Owen,

You are fourteen months old! You've kissed babyhood goodbye and are marching full speed ahead right on into toddlerhood. You're so smart--it is hard getting anything past you these days. You surprise us each day with a new word, skill, physical ability or act of kindness. You're the sweetest love bug I know!

Owen's Shirt
Weight: A million pounds! Just kidding, but it feels like that if I need to carry you any further than from the house to the car.

Health: You had your first stomach bug this month and have a little runny nose right now. The stomach bug didn't seem to run you down much. You didn't even have a fever, but you weren't able to keep your milk down. Your doctor ruled out a milk allergy. Luckily it only lasted 24 hours.

Sleep: The stomach bug, the time change and your cold have thrown your awesome new sleep habits for a loop. You've regressed to waking up at least once a night and have been waking up even earlier than you were before--often around 5:30. It has been exhausting.

The only saving grace seems to be your naps... Although I thought you were dropping one last week, but it seems like you still want two a day, which is really good in my book. Today, for example, you took two 1.5 hour naps. It was glorious.

Social: You love people and other children. When we go to the grocery store you say "HI!" to people and offer them the contents of my wallet. Usually the credit cards first. You have so much fun playing with other kids when we're out or with friends. You're very sweet to other children and often offer them the toy you're playing with. When they're not as sweet in return (like the little boy at the book store today who tried to shove his train in your mouth) you don't seem to know what to do. I know you could knock them over if you tried, but I'm proud you don't and that you stay calm.

Verbal: You understand a lot of different words now. If I ask if you want to go "outside" you'll run for the door and start banging on it with your hands. If I ask for a "kiss" you'll gladly give one. We wave "bye bye" to Daddy each morning and you blow him kisses. You say "ball", "no" (we hear this one a lot), "mama", "dada", "daw" (dog), "go" (usually when talking to the dog) and a ton of other baby babbles.

Diet: You take a 8+ ounce bottle of milk first thing in the morning, followed by breakfast. This week I have been giving you yogurt, Cheerios and berries. You don't want the berries once they touch your lips, although you keep trying them. Lunch is usually a protein (meatball, chicken nugget, turkey), tortilla, cheese and more fruit. For dinner you've been eating part of whatever we're eating. You love the veggie pizza we had last Friday night. You've been seriously addicted to cremes. I've bought four bags in the last 10 days.

Activity: You're trying to climb everything. First you figure out where you can stick your little feet to hoist yourself up and then you use your arm muscles to pull with all your might. It's really dangerous. You started spinning yourself in circles last week and saying "whooooooooa" while you do it. You laugh when / if you fall down. You're a riot! You're getting better about climbing off the furniture (which you can easily climb onto yourself now) feet first.

And you've started giving out kisses by the boat load! It is the sweetest thing and anyone who is lucky enough to get one just MELTS!

Gear: Your favorite kind of toy is a ball. You love to pick them up, throw them, say "ba ballll", and do it all over again. We just started using the NoseFrieda, which you hate, but it is so much faster and more efficient than the bulb syringe. Your second favorite toy to play with is your broom or your golf clubs. two totally different toys in the eyes of a grown-up, but to you a stick is a stick and you love to hit things (like ME) with them. We've had to hide them from you.

Owen you are the center of our world and we wouldn't want it any other way. You make our life better in every way. Your love and excitement for each new day and thing inspires me and warms my heart. I love you, my tiny baby!



the girl in the red shoes said...

Such a big boy Owen! And I LOVE his shirt...cutie pie!

Whitney said...

He is so cute! Where did his St. Patrick's Day shirt come from?

Pink Lace and Cupcakes said...

so sweet! Can you believe how quickly they grow?!?!?

Unknown said...

What a cutie and such a good looking family! Playdate soon?

Natasha said...

14 months?? i cannot believe he is getting SO big!!! makes me excited for all that is to come with caroline!

Unknown said...

he is so adorable!!

erin vancura said...

14months and cuter than ever! He sounds so sweet and fun and like such a big boy!!