Meet the Sullivans: Owen Meets The Easter Bunny (Again)

March 22, 2013

Owen Meets The Easter Bunny (Again)

Yesterday after morning nap and lunch my sister (Auntie KC) and I took Owen to see the Easter Bunny. I was a little worried he would be afraid this year since he is so aware of his surroundings. Last year when he met TEB (The Easter Bunny) he was only a few months old, so he had no idea what was going on. Last year was a breeze, no crying at all. 

Well, as you can see Owen did fine. He was actually more than fine. He LOVED TEB! While we waited for the photographer to be ready for us I sat Owen down next to the big old bunny rabbit and he was just thrilled. He snuggled in under his arm, held his hand and smiled at him adoringly. How awesome is this kid? He is just such a love! I am so proud of how well he did! 

The only tears happened when we had to leave TEB and continue on our shopping trip at the mall. He wanted to stay and play with TEB all day!


erin vancura said...

Tears AFTER the bunny! That's the sweetest!! And those are some seriously cute Easter pictures!

Unknown said...

those pictures are adorable! and I love his little rolled up jeans! so cute!!