Meet the Sullivans: Peep Shows

March 19, 2013

Peep Shows

Now that St. Patrick's Day is done I am moving full speed ahead onto Easter. I've already had my Easter wreath and some (minimal) decorations up for weeks, I've ordered (and received) Owen's Easter attire and yesterday I put together his Easter basket. You can expect photos and details on that later this week.

I was flipping through the latest issue of Food Network Magazine yesterday and came across an interesting article all about Peeps Dioramas. Yep, sculptures made out of peeps!

The Food Network has opened me up to all kinds of crazy uses for food and I guess I shouldn't be surprised people are making art out of Peeps since I know there are people out there crazy about those sugary marshmallow treats.

I decided to Google "marshmallow Peep dioramas and found some more interesting creations, my favorite of which are either inspired by my favorite TV shows or pop culture related.

 Royal Wedding Peeps is complete with a "Peeps Middleton" carrying the princess' veil!

 The Good Night Moon Peeps diorama even has Peeps in the art work on the walls!

The hot air balloon made of Peeps inspired by UP is really cool, but check out that house! It looks exactly like the one in the movie.

How could I not include Downton Abbey Peeps in my list?! The Dowager Countess is so fancy!

How neat are these? The details must take forever to get right. My very favorite one is the Good Night Moon diarama, perhaps because I read it to Owen everyday and know that room like the back of my hand. 

You can see more Peeps dioramas starring your favorite TV shows here.


erin vancura said...

this is outrageous. outrageously cute!! i'm dying, and my hands down fav is dowton. i mean REALLY, id eat em all up.

Shana said...

I am so excited for Easter and I think the decorating may start around here tomorrow :) I love the downton idea lol!