Meet the Sullivans: St. Patrick's Weekend Wrap-Up

March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Weekend Wrap-Up

St. Patrick's Day weekend is a weekend I look forward to for months. We get to see a lot of our family, celebrate and everyone is wearing my favorite color all weekend long!
The weekend started on Friday with a Lenten Friday vegetarian dinner. I'm usually stumped over what to make for dinner on Fridays during Lent, but this week I think I came up with a pretty good meal. I used a Pillsbury pizza crust (so much better than the pre-made Bobili), topped it with pesto, freshly grated mozzarella, yellow bell pepper, tomatoes, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, red onion and more cheese. We had it with a Caesar salad. We all loved it, even my baby boy with a veggie aversion.

We started Saturday morning up and running. I made my Irish Soda Bread for the evening's festivities, packed Owen up to go to my mom's and got us both showered and ready. I barely had time to take a sip of my coffee before we left the house.
I dropped Owen off at my mom's and then went to have my hair highlighted and cut. The left is my Before photo and the Right is the after. Everyone knows how great it feels to have a fresh color and cut. My hair stylist Brooke is so sweet and I love catching up with her during my appointment. She does a fantastic job and always styles and curls my hair before sending me off. I wish she were here every morning to style my hair! 

Keith's mom cooked a traditional Irish dinner for us all that evening. We had three out of four of Keith's siblings and their families over, as well Keith's Aunt Janet, my mom and sister. We had a packed house and it was SO much fun!
In addition to the Irish Soda Bread, I also threw together a St. Patty's Cheese plate. I got the idea Friday afternoon when I was shopping at Trader Joe's. I picked up a green Pesto Gouda, Dubliner Cheddar, Celtic Cheddar and green grapes. I thought it was a pretty festive little spread.

No St. Patrick's Day is complete in our book without at least one Irish Car Bomb

St. Patrick's dinner never looks very appetizing, but trust me it was really good! 
And out NoseFrida came in the mail. Poor Owen is freaked out by the thing, but it is so much more efficient than using the bulb syringe.
Owen was up at the break of dawn Sunday morning, so we ran out to get doughnuts for our house guests before anyone else was up. Just so happens Safeway had green doughnuts! We continued our sugar binged later in the day with Shamrock Shakes. I had never had one before and thought it was just okay. The mint flavor was way too strong for me. I felt like I was drinking a pack of gum. 

Sunday afternoon (after my glorious two hour long nap) we ran a few errands and took Owen to the park. Time at the park goes so fast, before I knew it an hour had flown by. Owen skipped taking his second nap again, so he went down early. Keith and I wrapped up the evening by watching The Walking Dead and eating salads (to balance out those doughnuts and shakes) on the couch. 

How was you weekend? Did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?


erin vancura said...

Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the holiday!! I love all of it!

Samma said...

Such a fun celebration! Love your cheese plate. We have a nose frida, and Dell Harper hates it, but I love it! So satisfying, hahah.

Jenny @ said...

His little outfit is darling! I just bought some shorts like that for my little man - and I"m happy to see that they look so cute on!

Looks like such a fun St. Patricks Day celebration.

April of Smidge Of This said...

Oh my word, that pizza! That looks absolutely fantastic. We do pizza a lot on Friday nights, but it's waaaay unhealthier than your version ;)

Jen said...

That veggie pizza looks amazing! Your stylist did a great job on your hair. You're so pretty!