Meet the Sullivans: The Weekend is for Living

March 26, 2013

The Weekend is for Living

I try my best to enjoy each day for what it is. Rainy? Let's stay home and get cozy on the couch. Sunny and bright? The world is our oyster--let's play outside! But really, there is nothing better than The Weekend. Some might think "The Weekend" is the same as "The Week" to a stay-at-home mom, but not for me. On the weekend my little family can all be together, my friends are off and I get to see my mom and sister. The Weekend is still what I look forward to!

Owen and I (Keith is still working in the hospital on Saturdays. We're hoping that will change this Summer and that he'll have a normal weekend) started off the weekend on Saturday with a picnic lunch and some playing with my mom and sister at the park. Owen sat in my lap while we ate and shared a turkey sandwich. I'm so happy he can share lunch with me now and is content to just sit in my lap and enjoy his food. 

We played on the grass and on the playground. Owen loves to go down the slide and say "weeee". He "asks" to go in the swings now and sits so happily in them while we push him. He was so calm he almost seemed like he might go to sleep. 

Saturday night was a really rough night of sleep for all of us. Owen was up at 12:30, 3:30 and 4am.

Sunday morning we went to breakfast and ran errands as a family.

If you know me you probably know that I pretty much wear my hair one of two ways: down or in a low pony. And I washed it every single day. Well, motherhood has forced me to become an every-other-day-hair-washer and it's working out well for me. I tried a little braided side thing and loved it! My beautiful and fashion forward younger sister was my inspiration. If I ever dress cool, know anything about trends or pop culture, it's because of her.

We tried the coffee shop near our house for lunch and Owen got his very own Mickey Mouse pancake (!!!) for breakfast! We were excited for him, but he didn't even want to take a bite. Big sad face for mom and dad. He did, however, enjoy smashing it up with his spoon.

After breakfast we went to Ikea, to have Keith's haircut, Trader Joe's to do our shopping and then finally made it home. I'm so excited to finally have curtains up in Owen's room. We bought and hung some from Target last weekend and I spent all week hating them. The ones we have now don't block out the light as well as the other ones but they look so much better...and we all know what's really important here, right?

Our whole purpose for the Ikea trip was to find a headboard for our bed. We don't currently have one and our bed rests up against the shutters that cover the sliding doors in our room. Not great for reading in bed. We were considering the Bekkestua Headboard, but after much consideration I think that at $250 it's over-priced for Ikea and for what it is. So no headboard yet.

You're probably wondering when this post is going to end.... Not yet! We still have to talk about Monday.

Since Keith works on Saturdays he is usually off work on Mondays. We have a running list going of places we want to take Owen for our #sullyfamilyfunday's. The AT&T Ball Park Tour was at the top of our list, so off we went.

Unfortunately, when we got there the tour was all sold out. Womp womp. Never fear, we still managed to find some fun! We bought Owen his first San Francisco Giants baseball jersey and an authentic / traditional matching baseball cap, and walked the perimeter of the park.

Tours run daily (game days and special events excluded, etc), so we plan on trying again soon. Also, the slide and play area are open daily, but only starting in June.

Look how much fun Owen had running around! He loved greeting all of the passersby.

That expression is mischief. Pure mischief.

Of all the cool things going on around him... skateboarders, runners, birds, sailboats, the bay... Owen found these holes in he ground most interesting. We had to tear him away. There were tears.

Shaking the gates, and trying to break in.

After terrorizing the exterior of the stadium we ventured on to lunch across the street at Lucky Strike. Have you been to one? I never had. Pretty fun, and fine for lunch, but definitely not the place for babies at night.

The beer was cold and the food was hot. What more can you ask for? Owen insisted on dancing for the other patrons through lunch. We obliged, because how could we deprive our fellow lunchers of such cuteness?

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