Meet the Sullivans: A Day in the Life

April 24, 2013

A Day in the Life

It has been nearly 9 months since my last day in the life style post. I know this isn't very interesting to most of you, unless you're like me and love seeing how other people spend their days. I'd like to do one every so often so that someday I can look back and see what our days were like at any given age, 'cause I know me and I'll love being able to do that.

So here is what yesterday, Wednesday April 24th 2013, looked like for us.

6:00am We hear Owen on the monitor. He's fussing a little, which means he's waking up. Keith skipped his workout this morning, so he goes to get Owen and I head downstairs to get a baba and coffees for us. The three of us lay in bed together drinking our morning beverages and watching Barney. I also check Instagram, Twitter and Feedly on my phone.

6:30am We play "parachute" with the duvet with Owen. He loves burrowing down under the blankets. 

7:00am I make the bed, straighten up our rooms and get dressed for the gym while Keith plays with Owen.

7:30am Keith goes to shower and get ready for work while I take Owen downstairs for breakfast. The housekeepers are coming this afternoon, while Owen eats breakfast (a green smoothie and apple cinnamon puffs and a few yogurt melts) I run around putting things back in their place so they can clean.
8:00am We play out in the backyard for a little while and half-watch a cartoon while also playing with cars and trains.

8:30am We say bye to Keith and head out the door for the gym. I drop Owen off at the childcare and he cries as I leave him. That will never get easier for me. I hate leaving him when he's upset.

I do a quick workout on the Arch Trainer and some body weight exercises and stretch. I watched Kelly & Michael while I did cardio and it really made the time go by quickly. They're so funny and I think they have great chemistry. Kelly is in such great shape (although maybe too thin?)--she's an inspiration.

9:45am I go to pick Owen up and see he is outside in the play area eating a graham cracker snack with the rest of the kids. He looks like he's having a ball, so my guilt from earlier melts away.

10:00am Owen falls asleep in the car on the way home, so I (successfully!!!) transfer him to his crib. While he sleeps I empty + load the dishwasher, prep dinner in the slow cooker, shower and answer emails.

10:50am Owen wakes up from his nap, it was pretty short at only 40 minutes. We read a books in his room for about a half hour before we head downstairs.

11:30am I prepare our lunch while Owen plays on his own for a bit. I also take advantage of the lovely natural light in the kitchen and spend a minute photographing the quinoa I made the night before.

12pm I had leftovers for lunch and Owen had a cheese quesadilla + avocado + apple. He really only ate the quesadilla and a tiny bit of apple. At least I tried, right? After lunch we play and read more books and I get us packed up to leave the house.

1:00pm The housekeepers arrive right as we are leaving for the bank and our Gymboree class. Perfect timing! This means I won't have to avoid coming home for too long.

1:30pm We have a blast at Gymboree--we haven't been in a few weeks. It's so nice to see our teacher and some of our friends. Owen is in his element here. There are safe structures to climb, music, other babies and fun galore! I'm reminded why we fork over $70 each month.

2:30pm We leave Gymboree and head to Old Navy. I need to find a bathing suit that's appropriate for our swim class (read: not a bikini) that we'll be starting next week. I have no luck finding something I like, so we stop by Barnes & Noble to play with the train table.

3:30pm Owen would have stayed there all day. He was just quietly playing, and so happy, but I had to tear him away since it was past nap time, which resulted in a meltdown. I'm the meanest mommy ever, apparently.

4:00pm We arrive home and see my sister-in-law Kelly and niece Natalie have stopped by! We hang with them for a while playing and catching up. We always enjoy their company and it was really nice to see them.

5:00pm It looks like Owen won't be going down for an afternoon nap after all, so I do my best to keep him entertained until Keith gets home. In between laying in the kitchen floor coloring in a giant coloring book, playing with magnets, going "beep, beeeeep" with cars and reading some more books I prep the toppings for our taco dinner.

6:00pm Keith gets home from work and whisks Owen upstairs with him while he changes. I get dinner on the table and we eat.

6:30pm After dinner Owen and Keith read some more while I clean up.

7:00pm Since Owen skipped his second nap he is so so ready to go to bed early. We bring him up, change his diaper, put him in jammies and a sleep sack and Keith rocks him while he drinks his final baba for the night.

He fell asleep really quickly, so Keith and I have the night to ourselves. I blog, catch up on reading blogs and check my emails. Keith watches basketball and plays some video games. We love vegging out after a long day!

10:00pm I got sucked into the movie Keith turned on (Zombieland) even though I've seen it many times. We head up to bed way past my bed time. Good night!


rachel said...

LOVE these kind of posts! As a soon to be stay at home mom, I am all about finding out how other mamas are keeping themselves and little ones busy during the day. Keep these "day in the life" coming! :)

erin vancura said...

I love reading this!! I always get curious how other SAHM spend their days.. I'm highly impressed without an afternoon nap you made it until 7!!

the girl in the red shoes said...

I'm super nosy and love reading these kinds of posts! You have a busy day! Going to play with the train table is a brilliant idea...I'll have to remember that for the future!

Lyndsey said...

I love day in the life posts! I have to say I'm envious of how long your hubby is there in mornings! Will is long gone before either of us wake up :( I'm thinking about starting swim classes with Liam this summer too!

Samma said...

Love day in the life posts! I need to do one soon. Try Sears for bathing suits- I know that sounds nuts, but they have Lands End. I have gotten several compliments on my Lands End one piece in DH's swim class!

PS Kelly Ripa is too thin!

Jenny @ said...

I love day in the life posts. You're going to love looking back at these when Owen's grown!

Emily said...

Like the girls above, I really enjoyed this "day in the life" post! Y'all stay busy and that is so wonderful. I am sure Owen loves all the fun activities you guys do together. I wish I had a gym I could take Owen to, instead we usually walk or run outside together, but a little alone gym time would be awesome! So wonderful that he loves books so much too!!!