Meet the Sullivans: A Headboard Makes All the Difference

April 18, 2013

A Headboard Makes All the Difference

Our headboard is in! And, friends? I'm in love! It makes all the difference in our room for so many reasons.

You know when you make a purchase on the fly and you worry if it's going to be a good decision? Well this one was totally a great one! Last month I told you all how I was searching for a headboard that wouldn't be too much for our small bedroom. I was lusting after this one from Target, but it was (and still is) not available for purchase. Well, one day I was on Instagram and saw one someone else had that is almost identical to the one from Target. I asked where it was from and found it was from Amazon. Why didn't I think to look there earlier? I buy everything on Amazon. Anyway I quickly clicked that thing into my virtual shopping cart and hit the "buy now with one-click" button. And it was done! My Coaster Nailhead Trim Design Queen Size Tan Microfiber Headboard was on its way!

The headboard came within the week and my wonderful husband lugged it upstairs (it is so heavy!) to our room and installed it the same day! I'm so beyond happy with it. I have been going to bed earlier each night just to read in bed, which is so much easier now that we have a head board. No more piling up the pillows so I don't fall through the shutters our bed rests against. Not to mention it pulls the whole room together!

Our plan was to move the bed to a different wall, but we ended up keeping it as is. The room is small, so when we tried to rearrange everything the flow wasn't right, so we moved it all back. Can't have everything. Anyway, I'm so smitten with the thing. Who knew a headboard could make all the difference in a room?


erin vancura said...

Amazon headboards are the best. Well, anything amazon that comes super fast is the best. Pretty sure we have the exact headboard... Thank you amazon!

Michelle said...

It looks fabulous!