Meet the Sullivans: Easter Weekend 2013

April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend 2013

Happy Monday everyone! How was your Easter weekend? I hope it was beautiful and filled with family and friends! Ours was fantastic, busy, filled with good food and company!

Friday night I met up with some of my girlfriends for dinner and drinks to celebrate our friend Jackie's birthday! We went to a semi-new restaurant in San Mateo called Vault 164.

We started off with drinks and appetizers. I tried the Kiwi Limon Martini and Blood Orange Martini--I've been obsessed with all things blood orange lately. We all LOVED the Brussels Sprout Chips and Ginger Edamame. For dinner we all had salads. I liked my Warm Spinach Salad, but kept thinking that it was trying to compete with my favorite Warm Napa Cabbage Salad from Town.

 My little gift for the birthday girl, a Bath & Body Works Margarita Three-Wick Candle. An Erin Condren gift label always make a present pretty!

Out Fit of the Night: Peplum / Blazer / Black Skinnies / Shoes (similar) / Bag / Necklace (similar)

Saturday evening we got together with Keith's brother and his family for dinner and an Easter egg hunt! Owen loves to play with his cousins Megan and Brandon--they are so good to him.

Owen loved spiking the Easter eggs, but didn't quite grasp the whole "collecting" them thing. Maybe next year? He still had fun though!
Owen got a little help from his Bema who was trying her best to get him to put the eggs in the bag, but he just wanted to keep throwing them on the ground!

We started our Sunday morning off as we usually do: in bed with coffees and a baba. Once we were done with those we ventured down to the family room to see what the Easter Bunny had brought. Owen loved everything in his Easter Basket, but the spill proof bubbles seemed to his favorite! Keith seemed happy with the CamelBak bottle the Easter Bunny brought and somehow the Easter Bunny knew I was dying to own Les Miserable on Blue-ray!

We went to church in the morning and poor Keith spent the pretty much the entire time outside with Owen "exploring" the gardens. Owen took a nice long nap afterward and Keith and I enjoyed a huge brunch and a movie. After Owen's nap we had a nice, long, cozy family cuddle on the couch.

In the late afternoon we all got dressed again and headed over to my Grandpa's house to celebrate Easter with my family! Owen was so happy to entertain us all and eat crackers. The boy MUST have one for each hand and alternates taking bites from left to right.

This is probably the best shot I got of Owen in his Easter outfit all day. It is hard to get a good, not blurry photo of a toddler! He had shoes too, but we took them off.

We got a pretty good family photo and I'm so happy about it! We took lots. Owen was either a big blur or not looking at the camera in most of them.

I think you might all know by now that our boy loves to be outside! And he is so lucky to have grandmas to follow him around. He loved exploring his Great-Grandpa's backyard. It was neat to watch him out there playing just like my sister and I used to when we were little. He loves the little bridge my Grandma had put in a long time ago. 

 I made a tasty ice cream cake for dinner and I can't wait to share the recipe with you this week!

My little monkey snuggling up on his momma after dinner. He missed his second nap, but happily sat through dinner with no fussing.

Dinner was SO good! We had roast red potatoes, asparagus, rolls and leg of lamb. I'm not usually into "other" meats, but the lamb was seriously SO delicious!

Wasn't the table scape pretty? My (late) Grandmother's crystal chandelier is just so lovely!

Anyway, thanks for sticking around through this looong post all about our weekend! I hope you have a marvelous Monday! We're just hanging around home today napping, reading and relaxing!

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Love your bag! Have been thinking about getting one now that my days of diaper bags are dwindling.