Meet the Sullivans: Five Things for Friday

April 26, 2013

Five Things for Friday

Here are five things I'm thinking about today...

Owen's love of reading. The number one way to distract him from something and keep him happy when he's cranky is to read to him. He is always game for some reading time. You say the word "book" and it gets his attention and many times a day he brings me a book to read to him. He'll cry if I don't sit down to read right away. I love what this says about him as a learner. I'm not saying this makes him a genius in the making (but maybe it does!), because I know lots of toddlers love books, but it shows he's curious and an early love of books can equal a life long interest in reading. It also makes me feel like I'm really doing something right with this mothering gig.

Blog posts that spoke to me this week. I felt like these bloggers knew exactly what I've been thinking about lately. Loves of Life On Becoming a Gym Junkie, Running from the Law Score Keeping and A Wedding Story So We Started Juicing, Power of Moms Joy or Just Wait? Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers Living Within Your Means. I wish I kept score less, spent less, got started juicing and went to the gym more. Some things to work on for next week.

Cash envelopes and keeping our budget in check. Speaking of living within one's means...Who likes that word, budget? Not me. Never have, never will. To me it's synonymous with deprivation. We're trying to be better about our spending and saving habits. It just doesn't come easy, so we've made a plan. We're doing a Cash Envelope method to control our extra spending each week. This will likely be easier for Keith than it will for me since I'm out and about most days, so my opportunity for spending is greater. And I do most of our shopping (gifts, random home necessities, stamps, etc.). But really though I'm excited about being more mindful. I often overspend on things that are totally not a "need" (ahem, Target, ahem).

The weekend. We've got a good one ahead of us! Owen and I are headed to visit friends today who are visiting from NY. The drive to see them is about 45 minutes from us each way, so wish me luck that O is a happy traveler this morning / afternoon. Tomorrow we're celebrating our niece and nephew's birthdays and spending time with family that will be staying with us. Nothing is on the agenda for Sunday or Monday but I'm sure we'll fill it with something fun and exciting!

Next week. I'll be guest blogging over at Girl in the Red Shoes, sharing my inspiration for a Cinco De Mayo fiesta we're going to throw, sharing another great slow-cooker recipe and then there's real life too! Owen's first swim lesson is next Friday!

Have a happy weekend, friends!


Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

We have a envelope budget too and most of the time it works. We are definitely trying to be better with our spending habits and trying to save more. Its just so hard though!

erin vancura said...

we have a book worm in our house too! cant wait for next weeks posts (and seeing you on julies blog!).

the girl in the red shoes said...

Love that Owen loves books! I hope that Hudson does too. And SO excited to host you next week!

Courtney said...

Target is always the budget killer in this house. Always.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

We use the cash envelope for groceries/eating out. It works great. I am a new follower to your blog and a fellow Cali blogger (although not for long..we move in a month) and boy mom!

Owen is so cute!

Unknown said...

I can;t wait to see what you have in store for your fiesta, I have been thinking of doing our housewarming party in a similiar style!

Jenny @ said...

Random but I am with the Jen above...thinking of throwing a fiesta for our housewarming party as well. Hope you have some fun ideas! :)

We are working on staying on a budget too. Not easy for this mama.