Meet the Sullivans: Owen is 15 Months!

April 19, 2013

Owen is 15 Months!

Dear Owen,
This week you turned fifteen months old! You sure are looking and acting like a Big Boy these days. We are having so much fun together playing outside and reading books that our days go by in the blink of an eye! You sure are fun! 

Stats - 24 lbs 4 oz (72nd percentile) and 32 inches tall (80th percentile). You are currently wearing a size 6 1/2 shoe. All proof you're not only acting like a Big Boy, but you're looking like one too!

Health - Happy to report you've had no colds, etc this month! Your pediatrician is very happy with your growth and says you're in excellent health!

Sleep - You're still doing pretty well with your sleep, although you're not sleeping through the night as much as you were last month, you go back to sleep easily when you do wake up.

Naps have become a bit of an issue. If you go down too late for your morning nap it is not likely that you'll take an afternoon nap. You seem to do okay without taking the afternoon nap on the days when you skip it, so as long as you're happy then I'm happy. I just wish that if you really were going to drop a nap that it would be the morning one. I'd love for us to be able to get out of the house early to get errands done, etc. and then head home in time for you to have your lunch and then go down for an afternoon nap (one of those glorious 3 hour ones other mommies speak of).

I read that if I try to keep you from taking your morning nap later and later (maybe by 30minutes a day) it will eventually become your afternoon nap and will force you to drop your morning one. While this seems like a great idea, I don't want to force you into only taking one nap.

I really can't complain too much though, because you surprised me with a 2 1/2 hour nap yesterday from 12:30-3pm!

Verbal - You are saying LOTS of words with meaning these days! "Baba" for bottle "Beeeeep Beeeeep" when you're playing with your cars (and sometimes your trains), "neigh" for a hose, "moo" for a cow and SO many more.

Also, when asked to identify your eyes, nose, ears, belly button or feet you point to the correct body part, and sometimes you'll identify it on me or daddy instead. You also like to point to almost any animal with four legs and call it a "dog". You like to find a nose and eyes on just about anything.

Food - Your appetite when it comes to solids has been a point of concern for me in the last week. You are a picky eater, there is no denying that, but in last week you've been eating like a bird. You've even refused your favorites (tortillas and cheese). The doctor said to keep offering the fruits and veggies and that eventually you'll probably decide on some that you like. He isn't too concerned though, since you're growing so strong and so big! 

Monkey, I am so happy to spend all day home with you--I wouldn't trade our one-on-one time for anything in the world. You are so sweet, passionate and friendly. You are the most important thing in the world to me! You are our biggest blessing! 



Amy said...

Owen is such a cutie! My son will be 18 months old tomorrow and he eats like a bird some days and then other days he eats really well. He will try new things some days, and then other days I can barely get him to eat the things I know he likes. Like Owen, Jackson is healthy, and growing strong, so I guess its not really anything to worry about. :-)

A Wedding Story said...

He is just so sweet! This starts such a fun little age. I think each month gets more fun!

Michelle said...

Such a darling!

erin vancura said...

Happy 15 months!! He's so handsome- and sounds like such a fun & sweet little guy!

Natalie said...

I just love that smile! 15 months is such a fun age!