Meet the Sullivans: The Basics | Trendy Tot Thursday

April 11, 2013

The Basics | Trendy Tot Thursday

This is supposed to be for "Trendy Tot Tuesday" that a few lovely mommy blogger put on every Tuesday... but seeing as I spent most of the weekend in bed with the stomach flu I didn't quite get my weekend to do list finished until yesterday. So we can just call this Trendy Tot Thursday this week, even though it doesn't sound as catchy.

The Outfit: 
Polo (Gymboree) similar / Shorts (Gymboree) here / Shoe (Converse) here

I dress Owen much like I dress myself, in clothes that are convenient and comfortable. Don't get me wrong, I love moccs and skinny jeans for my boy too, but they're just not conducive to the way he likes to play (i.e. in the mud). I try my best to make sure his clothes look decent and my goal is usually to make him look like a mini baby boy version of his Daddy.

Each season I buy his "basics" (aka play clothes )in one large haul and then add in the "must haves" as we go along.  By basics I mean long-sleeve or short-sleeve undershirts, sweat pants or shorts, jean and khakis, t-shirts, etc. Then when I decide he needs a new trendy sweater or color pop skinny jeans I buy those as I see them.

My favorite place to shop for "basics" for Owen are Gymboree and Old Navy. They have the best prices for the clothes that he wears most often and they're not too expensive, so I don't feel bad if he rolls in the mud in them. The really great thing about these to stores is that they usually have deals and sales going on too, so you can things at a great discount. If you haven't heard of Gymbucks you can get more info here.

I recently bought Owen a whole haul of stuff from Gymboree for Summer using our Gymbucks. We got a bunch of shorts (mainly plaid ones, since mom loves how he looks in those!), polo shirts, t-shirts and one-pieces. I made sure that most of the shorts and shirts can easily be mixed and matched creating lost of different outfit options.


THIS is what most of my photos of Owen end up looking like. You can easily see why it is difficult to get a good picture of him in a handsome outfit standing still. Look at him GO! Looks kind of like a little quarter back doesn't he? Maybe the next Steve Young or Joe Montana!


Amy said...

He's such a cutie and I love his little outfit. I just love the little plaid shorts and the puppy on his shirt. :-)

Emily said...

So stinkin cute that little boy of yours is! Cute, cute outfit!

Natalie said...

Look at that cute boy in his cute outfit!