Meet the Sullivans: Edible Fingerpaint Fun!

May 20, 2013

Edible Fingerpaint Fun!

Today I want to share with you a really fun little activity to do with your toddler! I'm always on the hunt for new + fun things to do with Owen that can keep us inside--these are especially helpful in cold weather or when we're sick.

I found this idea on Pinterest a while ago, so I really can't take any credit for how much of a great idea it is.

Supplies / Ingredients

Vanilla yogurt
Duncan Hines Flavor Creations in various colors / flavors
clean containers with lids

Step One: Buy a few colorful packets of Duncan Hines Frosting Creations. Be careful which flavors you chose though, I picked a mint flavor for the green and it was gross. It is inevitable that your child will try to eat some of the "paint".

Step Two: Divide yogurt into a few bowls and mix in the packets of powder. Mix it really well so there are no clumps. Remember to write the expiration date for the yogurt on your containers, as this is also now the expiration date for your "paint".

Step Three: Place your sweet baby in a highchair with a bib and rolled up sleeves, because things could get messy. Now might be a good time to take out the splat mat, and don't forget the camera!

Step Four: Dole out some fun! And by that I mean spoon some "paint" onto the try in front of your child and let them go to town mixing the colors. You could just let them play, but also take the opportunity to use this as a teaching moment.

Talk about the colors in front of them and show them what happens when they're mixed together. Obviously Owen is too young to grasp the concepts of mixing primary colors, but it is never too early to start laying the foundations for early learning!

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Natalie said...

What a great idea and how fun! Thanks for sharing!

erin vancura said...

ok. so i tried this with pudding & food coloring and it was SO GROSS. i'm so pumped to give this a try!! yogurt & frosting packet is seriously perfect!!!

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

Aw, that's perfect for an older baby, who can be contained in a high chair! :) I will definitely need to do this with Quinn once she's just a bit older!

Emily said...

great idea! I have been wanting to try finger painting with O. I will definitely be giving this a try. Thanks so much for sharing my Summer Play date ideas, friend!

Samma said...

How fun!