Meet the Sullivans: Owen is 16 Months!

May 24, 2013

Owen is 16 Months!

Dear Owen,

Last week you turned 16-months old! Your personality is shinning through and you're looking and acting older and older each day!

- Stats -
Weight: 24lbs 6 oz Height: around 32 inches tall 

- Sleeps -
Pretty well! You've been really only getting up once, if at all these days. There have been two times in the last week that you've fallen asleep before your nap / bedtime while getting your diaper changed. Right now you're on just one naps, an afternoon one and it's been around 2 hours. But it really changes depending on how you slept the night before, what time you woke up and what the morning was like. If we take a car ride in the later morning you will usually fall asleep in the car seat and then that would be your nap. But if we stay busy and active you'll push through the morning and wait to take your nap in the afternoon. 

- Loves - 
Cars and Trains! Being outside. Eating saltines. Playing with other kids. Swim class. Reading books. Drinking "baba"s. Taking baths. Helping. Talking. 

- Hates - 
When your favorite people leave the house. When anyone goes outside and doesn't bring you with them. Most food I cook. Most fruits and vegetables. Having your diaper changed. Having something taken from you (it's often something dangerous that you're not supposed to have).

- Says -  
You have been saying SO many new words this month! Hearing you say Ma-ma so clearly melts my heart each time. You know the word ba-ba will always get you a bottle full of milk. You love trains and say choo-choo all the time. You said octopus last week while playing with your magnets. And we try to get you to say Octopus but it always comes out App-ta-pu. Really the sweetest, cutest thing ever! Pretty amazing! You're really using your words to get what (or where) you want these days. Uppy means you want to be picked up. Out means you want out of your car seat / highchair / stroller / bath. And if you hear a loud noise sometimes you'll say "Uh Oh!". You say "Owl. Whoooo, whoooo". 

- Eats - 
You're finally at least interested in a few fruits. I always put some fruits or vegetables on your plate. You've started licking the strawberries I cut up for you and you've gnawed on a cantaloupe a few times. Over the weekend you saw your friend Jacob (he's 3) eating a banana and now you want to try them too! It's a start, right?!

- Does - 
Lots of running, climbing, clapping, reading, "talking", dancing and playing. You love to be a helper too. If daddy is fixing something, then you want a hammer to help him fix it. If mommy is in the kitchen, then you want some pots and pans to cook with too. If you see someone putting on their shoes, then you want to help them with their socks.

- Health -  
You had your first fever this week that started on Mother's Day. You were pretty miserable and just wanted me to hold you for almost two days straight. Your daddy and I were so sad to see you not feeling well. You were a pretty tough guy though and barely whined. We even took you to see the doctor, but it appeared as thought nothing was the matter. Luckily you recovered quickly.

And now that I saw your first molar poking it's way through your gums I'm pretty sure it played a major part in your crankiness last week.Your gums look so swollen, tender and red-- poor baby!

Owen you bring so much joy and happiness to each day! Your spirit and determination keep us on our toes! We love you so very much! You are a blessing to us all!

xoxo, Mommy


Emily said...

Love the update. Great pictures too! You can tell what a happy, happy boy he is! O and O would be great friends, they have so many similarities. (including being a picky eater!)

Megan said...

So cute! I'm new to your blog and looking forward to following along!