Meet the Sullivans: Owen's Fifteen Month Favorite Things

May 3, 2013

Owen's Fifteen Month Favorite Things

I think it's important to keep tabs on what the littles like. I love hearing about what other toddlers (I wish I could still call him a baby, but he is so not a baby anymore) are into because it gives me ideas for what Owen might like next. And it will be useful for us to be able to look back and see what was useful to us in certain months when we have baby #2 (not yet, folks)!

Owen's 15 motn faves

We've had this Lightning McQueen Push Toy for a few months now and it has continued to be one of Owen's favorite toys. It is one of the few toys that has grown with his interests. In the beginning he used it to help him get around before he could walk independently and now he actually rides on it and keeps his Little People Wheelies in it.

Owen's Bema (Keith's mom) gave him the Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship for his birthday. He thrives outdoors and this is the perfect little activity table to keep him busy while I sweep up the leaves and clean up after the dog. He especially enjoys sliding the pirate down the slide and says "wheeeee" while he does it.

We are in love with our Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Grub Scouts Sprinkler. Are you starting to get that this boy loves to play outside? We plug it into the hose in the front yard and O splishes and splashes until the sun goes down.

What boy doesn't love Legos? I think it's engrained in their DNA to find fun in building things with Legos, and then smashing it all down of course. We have lots of fun each day building with our Lego Duplo sets. We have the LEGO DUPLO My First Garden and the LEGO DUPLO Toddler Starter Building Set.

You're going to think this is so funny, but Owen loves to play "clean-up". I guess he's seen us sweeping the backyard, vacuuming the house, etc. and now he wants in on the "fun". He has a broom that we primarily play with outside when we're cleaning up the backyard. He'll even go find it if I ask him where his broom is!

Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies are such a fun toy to collect! They're only $3.99 each, so it's easy to snatch the up when we're out and it doesn't hurt our bank account too much! We have so many, I'm afraid to count them. Owen's favorite is Rex from Toy Story.

Of course no list of Owen's favorite things would be complete without his favorite book! Little Blue Truck Leads the Way is a book a I recommend for any little boy (or even little girl). The pictures are beautiful, the rhyme is fun and the message is good.

Melissa & Doug Animal Magnets Owen inevitably ends up in the kitchen with me many times a day and this magnets help distract him. We play with them a lot and use them to help Owen identify the different sounds the animals make. And it really helps that they're big, so they're aren't a choking hazard.

What toddler doesn't like music and dancing? They are one of Owen's favorite things for sure! And of course I love seeing my boy smile so big as he drops it like it's hot! Then I saw on Erin's blog that she has this fun guitar (the B. Woofer Hound Dog Guitar by B. Fun) for sweet Lex --and thought it would be perfect for Owen too! We immediately picked one up at Target.

And finally, the pièce de résistance, the toy Owen's Favorite Things list would not be complete without, the Little Tikes Anchors Away Water Play Table! Our outside loving, water playing, dirty little monkey is in heaven when he's splashing around with his table. It was a fantastic first birthday gift, as it supplies us all with lots of fun and entertainment!

There you have it! Owen's favorite toys will likely stay the same in the next month or two, possibly adding or removing a few things from the list, but I think his interest in playing outside, reading book and playing with cars will stay the same!

What is your little one into? What are your favorite toys to give as gifts? 



erin vancura said...

I need like half of these things ASAP. Like the Lego duplo, and the fun sprinkler... And that pirate ship is AMAZING. I'm so glad Owen loves the b-woofer!! Next is getting the babes the meow-ing keyboard....

Tickled Pink Mandy said...

That pirate ship is AWESOME!

the girl in the red shoes said...

I love this list! We are big fans of the little blue truck in our house. I can't wait fur Hudson to start playing with some of these toys!

Natasha said...

we just got a similar water table and CC goes nuts whenever i make her leave it...hahaha

i love to give wooden toys--they are classic, really well made, and hold up well too!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Looks a lot like my playroom! I find that most Melissa and Doug toys have a lot of longevity and around this time both my boys started playing with Thomas the trains (my 4 year old still plays trains on a daily basis and now they play together, I love it)

Jillian said...

Oh, love that sprinkler! So cute! A love love loves Little Blue Truck! His whole birthday was all about little Blue :)! There is a little blue truck sticker book coming out this fall - check Amazon!

Vanessa said...

I can't wait until Arden is big enough for a water table! And Little Blue Truck is MY favorite book too--even having a girl! :)

Samma said...

We need a sprinkler ASAP! Like Owen, DH is super into her water table. Thanks for the other recs!

Mrsdisario said...

Amazing! It won't be long until my little one start playing around! Great blog, following :)

Susannah said...

That little pirate ship play table is adorable!!! :-)

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

The broom and the magnets are some of my favorites, mainly because I've always wanted to get those for my kids! Maybe I will for Quinn when she's just a bit older. Thanks!