Meet the Sullivans: Thoughts for Thursday

May 2, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday

Has anyone out there tried eMeals? You sign up online for like around $21 for three months and they give you full meal plans including a shopping list. You pick the store you most like to shop at and then they'll give you meals + a list to make the most of your budget. It sounds like fun to try out, but I'm a little choosey when it comes to our dinners. And what if I want to make something different (like some awesome recipe I've seen on Pinterest) on a certain night? Won't that mess up the whole sticking to their plan thing? Let me know your experiences if you've ever tried it.

Owen starts swim lessons tomorrow so we went for a "dry" (or should I say wet run, haha) run yesterday.  He liked the feeling of being weightless in the water when he walked and would go "whooooa, whooooa"! I can see a lot of time will be spent in the kiddie pool this summer! He loved being outside in the kiddie pool but was a little scared of the big indoor pool. He was exhausted afterward.

Shows. What shows are you watching right now? I can't believe they're all winding down for the summer. Right now Keith and I watch Modern Family, The Office, Mad Men and Saturday Night Live. We each watch a whole handful of other shows on our own too. I just started watching a bit of Girls. I like the show, and you can call me a prude for saying this, but could definitely do without the vulgar stuff and the sexually explicit stuff. Also, Arrested Development is coming back for a season! Anyone but us watch that show?

California has adopted a plastic bag ban and it just became effective in San Mateo County, where we live. I'm all for the ban if it will help the environment, but I'm not too happy with having to pay for a bag if I forget to bring my own. Some places (ahem Toys R Us ahem) are charging .25 cents for a paper bag. That's robbery! Sometimes I'll even remember to bring my bags into the store but then forget to give them to the check out person and I won't realize it until I go to grab my things and by then it's too late. #firstworldproblems

I had a gel manicure (Shellac "Tropix") almost 3 weeks ago and it's holding up really well. Even with all the cleaning and cooking I do. The only thing keeping it from looking really good still is the growth in my nails. Seriously wish I could have a gel manicure all the time!

Now I'm off to read some blogs, check emails, make my Fiesta Party shopping list, write my to do list, revamp my Home Management Notebook and fold some laundry. Thrilling morning nap time, huh? That's all for now!


Jennifer said...

Oh wow, a plastic bag ban. What happened to choosing paper or plastic and getting the paper bag FOR FREE! I agree with you, more power to the ban if it helps the enviroment, but you shouldn't have to take the fall, as the consumer.

Sara McCarty said...

I'm so excited for Arrested Development to come back. And Mac's going to start swim lessons here soon too. Anything to wear them out, right? :)

By the way, loved your BF post on Julie's blog yesterday. Wonderful story!

SugarFreeAsh said...

We watch Modern Family and Mad Men but haven't been all that impressed with the current seasons of either. :( The hubs gave up on The Office, but I've been faithful. Can't believe it's only got a few episodes left!

AllThingsYummy said...

Wow 25 cents a bag seems like a lot.
I'm loving The New Girl. I'll be sad when the season is over.

Unknown said...

The episode before the season finale of Girls is beyond vulgar. I still can not believe they showed that on TV. It happens at the end of the episode.

erin vancura said...

i could never get into girls (probably because it was so vulgar. perhaps i need to try again?)i JUST started mad men-- OBSESSED. also obsessed with nashville, SMASH, and anything bravo or TLC (liiike gypsy weddings. although thats not something you and your hubby can watch together?). have SO MUCH FUN at swim class with owen- i majorly heart the smiles from the pool.

Natalie said...

Wow banned plastic bags? Wow.
I love your manicure...and look at the cutie swimmer!