Meet the Sullivans: Weekend Wrap Up + Lots of Pictures (Part 1)

May 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up + Lots of Pictures (Part 1)

I hope you're ready for a total picture overload, because you are about to get one in a major way--and food, lots and lots of food. I don't know what was up with us this weekend, but we were eating all sorts of great things, but most of them were things made by other people, so I can't really share any recipes or take any credit.

Keith was off from work Saturday, so we took advantage of the beautiful morning and walked to the Farmer's Market near our house. It's an easy 20 minute walk each way. We shared a breakfast sandwich and chocolate croissant for breakfast and each got coffees. Owen loved eating the croissant too!

We picked up Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Teriyaki Chicken to have for lunch later too. I wish these were easy for me to make at home, because they seem pretty healthy!

In the afternoon my mom and sister came over to visit and while they were here I put together a dessert for later that night. I made a few of these Miniature S'more Pies and made one large one too. I'll share the recipe later next week or maybe this week. My biggest lesson learned was to NOT make the larger one again. It was like a pie full of marshmallow goo, which tastes great, but makes for terrible presentation!

In the evening we met friends at our favorite pizza place that is close to our house. We were a huge group at 14 people, but it is so much fun! We all came back here and hung out, ate dessert and watched the kiddos play.

Sunday Keith watched Owen while I went up to San Francisco with our friend Amanda and her family. Amanda and her sister were being Confirmed at Saint Mary's Cathedral, and Amanda asked me to be her sponsor. I am so honored to have been there to support her!
It took me a little while to figure out what I wanted to give her, and I was so happy when I stumbled on this book at Barnes and Noble earlier in the week. It's a daily devotional and I'm thinking I want to get one for myself too. I hope she'll find reassurance of her baptismal promises, hope and comfort in each daily passage she reads.

After the Confirmation Mass Amanda's parents took us all out to lunch at the Cliff House. can you even believe the view from our table? Breathtaking, right?

I had the Artichoke Ravioli, and it was delicious!
While I was gone Keith kept Owen busy with chores around the house. No, seriously. They emptied the dishwasher, folded laundry, washed the car, swept the back yard and watered out front. Impressive! 

When I returned home we headed back out, this time in the opposite direction, for our friend Noah's 2nd birthday party! We had a great time and Owen loved getting to see some of his friends!

Okay, no judgement here please, but Sunday night we flipped Owen's car seat! He is beyond thrilled and so content sitting this way. He just kicks back watches the cars and has little chats with us. He is obviously a big guy, so I can guarantee you this was a smart decision. His legs were getting so cramped and I felt that even with air conditioning he was uncomfortable like that on really hot days. Our pediatrician gave us the OK as long as he met the requirements of our car seat to be front facing, which he does. I think this will make a world of difference when we take long trips in the car. 

I just decided this is going to be a two part weekend wrap up, because this is just getting way too long! I'll share our fun little trip to the beach with you tomorrow! 

Good night! 


Jillian said...

No judging here - we flipped A around at 16 months so that he'd stop screaming. Sometimes you have to do what works best for YOU! Those mini pies were on my to-do list this weekend and I'm so sad I didn't make them!

erin vancura said...

Ah! Such a perfect weekend!!