Meet the Sullivans: Weekend Wrap Up (Part 2) | Gorilla BBQ + the Beach

May 21, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up (Part 2) | Gorilla BBQ + the Beach

Who has two part weekend wraps ups? The first one was getting too ling and I thought I would lose people's interest before I got to what I consider to be the most fun part.

On the weekend we usually have one day for "fun" and the other for "work". On our fun day we like to go on little day trips, check out parks in our area or do something adventurous. This Monday we decided to forgo our  tradition of only having one fun day and head out to try a famed BBQ place in our area, Gorilla Barbeque. Keith has been wanting to check in out ever since he heard it was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

Our plan was to get to Gorilla Barbeque early, since we've heard there are usually lines of people before it even opens, and then take our food to the beach. Our plan worked out exactly as planned and it was so much fun!

The restaurant is inside an old railroad car, although it just looks like a trailer in a trailer park. Word is it's called Gorilla Barbeque because the owner (a man who is very large in stature) grew up being nicknamed "gorilla" by his dad.

We definitely ate way too much. We each ordered the two meat meals, when we really could have just shared one, which we'll do next time. I had the pulled pork + ribs, and coleslaw + mac 'n cheese as my sides. Each meal (hate that word, meal) also come with beans on rice and corn bread. The ribs were really really good. The pork was fine, but more so just a vehicle for the BBQ sauce, which was perfectly vinegary. The mac n' cheese was the bomb--Keith thinks they might sprinkle it with crushed Goldfish crackers before baking it. We'll definitely be back sometime soon!

We couldn't have BBQ on the beach on such a beautiful day without a cold beer to share. We picked up a bottle on Maverick's Amber Ale made by our favorite local brewery. It was a combination made in Heaven.
You know what else is Heavenly? This sweet boy! Doesn't he look like a little surfer beach boy model?

Enjoying some beans + pulled pork from our BBQ.

He loved his first trip to the beach!


Amy said...

Sounds like a wonderful day at the beach!!

the girl in the red shoes said...

I'm jealous of your fun weekend and yummy food! And Owen is totally a model baby in that photo! I love it!