Meet the Sullivans: Weekly Bites

May 28, 2013

Weekly Bites

You guys, I am so embarrassed to admit that I have totally dropped out of the Dr. Oz Detox Cleanse that Keith and I were doing. I bought all of the ingredients and we made it through most of the first day before I just broke down.

I seriously could not fathom drinking one more smoothie in place of a real meal. I was DYING to chew something and have something solid in my system. I never knew how dependent I am on solid food, or how much of an appetite I really have. All day I could not stop talking about food and I couldn't enjoy any of the things I regularly like to do in my spare time (read blogs + magazines, check out Pinterest and Instagram, etc) because food would always pop up some how.

Anyway, I'm probably making this sound like a bigger deal than it is, but I really wish I could have done it, but alas, I am not cut out for that kind of diet. I think the pictures of last week's meals are excellent proof of that!

Monday : Gorilla Barbeque 
(we had such a heavy big lunch that dinner ended up being PB&J)

 Tuesday : Turkey and Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers + Spinach Salad

Thursday : pre-dinner fro-yo instead of a post dinner dessert.
Thursday : Turkey Taco Bowls with all the fixings

Friday : Take-out Pizza + Spinach Salad

This week I'm trying my best to use up all the fruits and vegetables we bought for the cleanse. We're having another Spinach Salad tonight, but I'm really excited about trying Kevin and Amanda's Spicy Sausage Pasta later this week! I always hear rave reviews about it! I'm sure anything would taste good to me right about now.


Ashley Voyles said...

Yum! What is in the turkey taco bowls? Would love to make those.

Brittanylea02 said...

Those dinners all look so darn good! Yummy!
I'm with you though I can't do just do juices or smoothies all day! I need something to chew on for at least one meal!


E Hayes said...

Loe that pre-dinner fro yo! yum and I hear ya, I don't think I'm cut out for a cleanse either.

rachel said...

Can I just say how impressed I am you even made it through one day?? I never could! :) This post just made me really hungry! Yummy meals!

erin vancura said...

I'm proud of you for even making it through one day! Pretty sure I'd be curled up in a ball whining about how hungry I was... Plus. All your meals always look so delicious- why I why would you give that up?!

Jillian said...

You should be proud for making it through one day! I'm posting my recap today but I ended up cheating before bed both nights - I felt the same way, I HAD to chew something. All these meals look delicious!

Carolina Charm said...

How in the world do y'all make your fro-yo look so dang pretty!? Mine and Matt's cups always look like a 5 year old put it together.

I also have to say that PRE-Dinner dessert is the WAY to go!

Michelle said...

Yum! can I come over for dinner?

mensusa said...

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