Meet the Sullivans: Decisions, Decisions

June 19, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

Our trip to Disneyland is well over two months away, but I've already begun to make plans for all the details, big and small. I'm making little notes here and there in a special file in my Home Management Notebook so I don't forget things like the stroller fan or our iPod dock we use for white noise. Taking a toddler on his very first overnight (more than just one night, mind you) trip an eight hour drive from home has this momma stressing and over planning.

Stroller parking outside It's a Small World.

One of the biggest issues for me is the decision of which stroller we should take. We own two strollers that we currently use for Owen (the third is the Snap n' Go that we obviously only used when he was still in the infant seat), and I'm having trouble settling on which one I want to bring. (PS. I've heard the ones you can rent are really uncomfortable)

For daily errands and such we have the Maclaren Triumph, which is a lightweight, easy to get in and out of the car, and takes up a minimal amount of space in the trunk. The downsides: if we have anything hanging over the handlebars when we take Owen out the whole thing tips backward, there is almost no space in the undercarriage basket, we have to attach an additional sun canopy to keep Owen shielded from the sun and there are no built in cup holders. Not the perfect stroller to depend on all day, right?

O napping in the Maclaren. Check out those pink cheeks!

We also have the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller, which, in my opinion and experience, is like the Cadillac of jogging strollers. It rides so smoothly and turns on a dime. If it weren't so heavy to lift in and out of the trunk of the Jeep I would take it everywhere with me. It has a generously sized basket under the seat, a rear pocket, a great cup holder thing we bought, the list of pros goes on and on. Owen and I take it around the block daily, we go on runs with it and we take it on most family outings. We love this stroller! 

As you can see above and below, Owen is quite happy in the BOB! He also really enjoys having his snacks and drink within arms reach-- so happy we finally ordered the snack tray.

The BOB is the obvious choice for so many reasons, but I still have some reservations about bringing it. Well, just one BIG worry is that it will get stolen. It was close to twice the price of the Maclaren and I would die if we lost it.

I Googled "stroller theft in Disneyland" and there are some really mixed reviews / silly suggestions about how to protect your stroller and what to do. Suggestions range from smart things like putting a bike lock on your stroller when you park it to go on a ride (our Plan A) to really dumb things like hanging a bag over the handle bars with a diaper filled with refried beans in side (really?!) giving the appearance of a dirty diaper.

So, my question for you is; What would you do? Would you take the BOB?


Katelyn @ Imperfect Perfection said...

I have been to Disney several times, but not with take my advice with a grain of salt. I would take what he has room in and is comfortable in. It can be REALLY hot and you want him to have room to move around...not be tightly strapped in against fabric that will make him hotter. Also, I have seen MANY MANY parents taking a break in the shade while their stroller seat was lounged back to lay down and the child took a nap. Things like storage in the stroller for water bottles, sunscreen,cameras, etc. will also be important...unless you want to carry all of that in a backpack. I am sure taking advice from a non-mommy isn't what you want, but hopefully I helped a little.

Natalie said...

Wow that is a toughie! I have a BOB and the Maclaran too...the lightweightness is nice but like you said no storage is not good...I guess go with the BOB!

Emily said...

We have the exact same two strollers. I absolutely love our BOB too and am actually struggling to decide if we can take it on our family vacation in a few weeks as well. I've never been to Disney so I'm sorry I'm no help. BUT I think I would go with the BOB. PS-I need that snack tray! And the pic of Owen in his BOB is awesome! Such a happy guy!

E Hayes said...

I guess I would probably go with the BOB and just lock it like a paranoid person because I would have the concerns as you!

We probably won't be doing Disney until our youngest is 2 or older so we have some time, but I already put "Disney" on my list of why we need the double BOB! LOL

erin vancura said...

Don't forget to pack the beans to create a faux-dirty-diaper... I love how someone actually uses that instead of a lock!!

Courtney said...

We just got back a few months ago and took our MacLaren, however our daughter was 3 and potty trained so all I had to bring were snacks and our basket is plenty big enough for that and it reclines well enough for her to nap. I will tell you there are HUNDREDS of strollers there and LOTS of Bobs. I would totally not be worried about anyone stealing your stroller at all. I would just put something on it so u can see it when u get off the ride, since there will be a million more Bobs there. Also, what hotel r u guys staying at. I was preggo when we went so at night we took the shuttle back when I was too damn tired to walk, my sis in law who was with us and also brought her Bob opted not to take the shuttle bc it was so loaded with all their stuff it would of been more of a pain to unload it and fold it up then walk the couple blocks to the hotel. So there is my two sense, absolutely take what Owen will be most comfy in and you can hang all ur stuff on so u don't have to carry it all day in the heat!

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

I would recommend the Bob but really either would work. We bring our Peg Perego all the time and I'm never worried about it getting stolen. That being said, I NEVER leave any stuff with the stroller but maybe a blanket on the bottom. I ALWAYS bring my stuff with us and try not to buy anything until the end of the day because I don't want to carry it and don't want it to get stolen. The only problem I have ever had is that we parked the stroller one place and it was in a different place when we came back but just a worker moved it since there is so many people going on and off rides that the needed to consolidate to make room. Honestly though, if you are at all worried about your stroller getting stolen, bring the cheaper one because the last thing you want to do is worry the whole time you are in line for/on a ride or worry about having to lock up the stroller.