Meet the Sullivans: Let's Talk Baby Teeth

June 10, 2013

Let's Talk Baby Teeth

Our little guy is finally getting more teeth, people!

His bottom middle teeth came in first, followed by all four of his top center teeth at the same time and then finally the outside tooth that flanks his first two original teeth. His tooth growth was like bambamBAM, and then it stopped.

Fast forward many, many months later and he is finally getting more teeth. For a minute Keith and I wondered when or if it would ever happen. The first seven came so quickly and all together, so we expected the rest to grow in just as steadily.

The thing about the teeth he is getting though? They're molars. Yup. Painful, wake you in the night, make you cranky all day, MOLARS.

I noticed the first of the three that have been taking turns ripping through his gums as few weeks ago.

Ouch, right? Don't ask how I managed to snap this photo with a toddler who is usually going 20 MPH. The one pictured above is the first of the three he now has. Poor baby.

He also had his first dentist visit last month. He fell asleep on the way there and stayed that way until I woke him up to see the dentist. Fun little fact: Owen's dentist was MY dentist when I was a kid, and you may remember me telling you that Owen's pediatrician was Keith's doctor when he was little too.

He doesn't need to go to the dentist until he's two, according to his dentist, but he had a grayness to some of his teeth I was worried about. I was worried that maybe it was because he tries to eat crayons almost daily, and sometimes he manages to nibble them a bit... Or because he often falls right to sleep after having his bottle.... I know, I know.

Anyway it turns out he has a high PH level in his saliva which, while he is young, causes a bit of a grayish build up on his teeth, but that as he gets a little older it will go away. Our dentist was able to easily just buff it off. He was really nice to offer to buff it off anytime we think it's coming back.

He was so good during our very quick visit. He was really mellow and didn't cry at all, and he was totally cooperative. We were so proud of our boy! Check out those pearly whites!

And of course he got some cool loot from the dentist too!


Shana said...

I love love that toothy grin! He is such a cutie!

erin vancura said...

a trip to the dentist?! SO CUTE!!! also- i hate molars. with a passion.

the girl in the red shoes said...

Oh my goodness...he is so cute sleeping on your shoulder! I've just been staring at that photo....little boys are the best. I'm sorry he's been in pain! I am not looking forward to molars at all!

Sara McCarty said...

Look at all those teeth! Man, doesn't teething suck bite? :) Poor babies. Mac just got two new teeth (5th and 6th ones total), so he's been drooling like crazy lately. Why can't they just come with teeth?

Emily said...

seriously, molars are noooo fun! My guy cut his a while back and it was awful! On another note though, that picture with Owen on your sholder melts my heart! Precious boy loves his Momma! Isn't it the best?!

Leah @ Everyday Love said...

I can't believe he got all 4 top at the same time. Avery actually got her outer top first, the two front teeth haven't come in yet. Not looking forward to those!

Natalie said...

Teething is really the youngest just has one tooth and another coming through and he's 10 months. We've got a long road ahead of us!