Meet the Sullivans: Monday Morning Mish Mash

June 10, 2013

Monday Morning Mish Mash

Last Thursday was the busiest day for us and I think the business has finally slowed down! We drove Keith to work, booked it home to shower, headed out to meet friends at CuriOdyssey, picked up a quick lunch, played at the park, come home to rest, picked Keith up early from work, went out for fro-yo, came home to change, met friends at a farmer's market for dinner and then I dropped Keith + O off at home and met some mommy friends for wine. 

On Friday my mom and sister helped me with Owen while I go the house ready for the party, mixed drinks to cool overnight and went grocery shopping. Friday night we went to Costco for supplies for the party and spent the better part of the evening putting things away and prepping some more. 

Saturday I spent most of the day getting things in orders some more and then Owen and I took a break to play in his pool in the front yard before the party began. 

Whew! I love being busy, but I'm exhausted just recapping it! 

 Watching the bobcats at CuriOdyssey.

 Playing at the park! 

 Sharing fro-yo! 

 Snacking on fruit at the farmer's market!

Keith is feeling sick today, so Owen and I are going to run some errands (grocery shopping, the bank, etc) and stop at the park. Hope you all have a great Monday friends!


Natalie said...

Wow you were busy! It did make me tired just reading it. Hope your husband gets better soon!

rachel said...

Cannot wait to see pics from the party!!!