Meet the Sullivans: My Digital Junk Drawer

June 3, 2013

My Digital Junk Drawer

If you know me, or you've been reading my blog, you might now that I like things organized. I'm not all crazy uptight about it-- but don't ask my husband, because he'll have a different story to tell -- but I really appreciate order.

I believe that when order / rules / expectation is enforced there is less room for error. Error is really inevitable, but being organized / having a plan softens the blow. Am I right?

Anyhow, the one place I'm not too great at keeping organized is what I would refer to as my "digital junk drawer" aka Feedly. And it's not Feedly who's to blame. The site is great and I've really come to like it after switching from Google Reader a little while back.

Above is a screen shot of my Feedly feed. On the right side you can see a column with all the categories I have previously created to help me organize my blog reading.

New Mom Blogs - Blogs written by new mommies, like myself. It's fun to read about the lives of people in the same stage as I'm in. It's also really helpful when looking for ideas / advice.

Daily Must Reads - A collection of blogs and sites I want to make sure I read each day.

Cooking and Baking - This is where the food porn goes.

FB Group Bloggers - I honestly think I only managed to put one blog in this category before it lost my attention. Whoops.

Fitness - Blogs that focus primarily on fitness and healthy lifestyles. I should really read this category more, but I usually end up going for "Cooking and Baking" and never make it this far down the list.

Home and Hostess - Pretty homes, great ideas, cool DIYs.

LifeSTYLEBlogs - Lifestyle blogs that also concentrate on style / fashion posts.

Mommy Blogs - Written by moms with kids older (sometimes way older) than mine. Great place for inspiration and advice.

New Blogs to Read - I created this one in hopes I would first put a blog here and then if I kept wanting to go back and read more I would move it to the Daily Must reads.

Okay, I think the rest are pretty self explanatory. Right? I have too many categories that even I am tired of hearing about them! 

 I started out with some categories I thought would help me keep the blogs and sites I like to read organized, so I began organizing them by category. This seems like the obvious way to go, but it gets complicated. How do I know what "box" the author of the blog would really place them self in? Many blogs transform from one category to another based on the ebb and flow of its author, so how on Earth am I supposed to decide if a certain blog should be categorized as a "Lifestyle", "Recipe" or "Mommy" blog?

A while back I decided to start filing a few of my very favorite blogs into a "Daily Must Reads" category so if I was pressed for time I could just go right to that section and know that I'll get to read the newest stuff from my favorite blogs. But the problem with that is when I find a new blog that I really really like I put it right into the "Daily Must Reads" category, which has made the list very long and now it is no longer something I can go to expecting a quick read.

Anyway, maybe there is no one solution, but I've LOVE to know how you organize your reader!


Lyndsey said...

I'm just gonna hang out over here in the comment section so I can get some tips too, ha! My feed is SO unorganized and it's driving me crazy! But not crazy enough to do anything about it apparently. I can't wait for some inspiration to get me moving!

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