Meet the Sullivans: Weekend Wrap Up

June 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

You know, the funny thing about being a planner  and a mom is that as much as I like to plan our days, they rarely ever workout the way I think they will. My plan for Friday was to  take Owen to the child watch at the gym so I could workout before bringing him to swimming, but he was so tired that I let him nap before going to the gym and he slept all the way through swim class!

When he woke up we headed to the pool anyway and met my sister there. Owen loves to swim in the kiddie pool. He had so much fun trying to run around chasing the other little kids in the pool. He knows exactly when he wants to get out of the pool too, because he climbs out and right onto the lounge chair.

After swimming we headed for a haircut. Owen's hair had gotten so long, especially in the back. I think it wasn't cut short enough at his last visit. This time I remembered to tell the hair dresser that I like a pretty short cut on my boy. He was so good sitting in the chair that even some other parents noticed and commented. He is such a sweet boy and makes his mama so proud. Doesn't he look handsome?

Would you believe he slept for over two hours after his haircut? I'm so thankful for that great nap, because I was exhausted too!

In the evening after dinner we took a trip to Costco.Costco is even worse than Target for us. We can never leave with just the essentials we planned to get--we always find other things we "need". We didn't end up buying the giants dog--it's too big for us and after this picture was taken Owen completely lost interest in it!

On Saturday Keith was done at the hospital by 11am, so we got to spend the afternoon at a little splash park nearby. Owen was in toddler heaven! We were the only people there (much to our surprise!) and we had a great time playing together.

Saturday night Keith and I had a date night!! We went to see World War Z (a must see if you like zombie movies, but don't like gore) and then to sushi afterward. We used to go out to sushi all the time before I was pregnant with Owen, but can you believe this was the first time we've been since March 2011 (the month before I was pregnant with O)? Crazy!

On Sunday we met our friends for the Downtown San Mateo SummerFest street festival. The weather was muggy and a little rainy but we still had so much fun walking around. We stopped for lunch at Curry Up Now, and Indian street food restaurant. I'd never had Indian-Mexican food before and it was really good! The place was pretty busy, but everything was still great. Owen slept from when we got there and then all through lunch--perfect timing! When he woke up we headed up to where Radio Disney had a little booth and let the kids dance to the music and play around. And I finally found another hat to wear out in the sun!

Sunday night after Owen went to bed we got frozen yogurt and watched the season finale of Mad Men. Do you watch the show? What did you think?

Monday was really pretty uneventful. We worked out, went to the grocery store and just hung around home. After dinner my friend Jackie and I went to see The Great Gatsby (finally!!), but I'll tell you all about that later!


E Hayes said...

That curry place looks awesome and the pic with the bear melts my heart, he is too cute!!!

erin vancura said...

You guys have the best weekends!! And I'm terrified to get lex's hair cut... She's going to wail. But Owen always does SO WELL (and looks so handsome after!).

Amy said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! Owen looks so cute with his haircut!

rachel said...

What a fun weekend! I'm so jealous of that sushi. :)

Emily said...

great weekend! I agree, they never go exactly as planned but usually that works out even better! Owen is such a rock star at getting his hair cut!

Michelle said...

Fun weekend! That sushi looks amazing, in a few short months I'll be able to eat it again :)