Meet the Sullivans: Bus

July 10, 2013


You know, sometimes I really wish I took more time to chronicle the details of the little things that happen in our little everyday life here on the blog. Honestly, there isn't enough time in the day for me to flip open my laptop, log into Blogger, open a new post and start writing things in detail--and you would be so bored with me. But the truth is, the reason I write this blog is so we can remember these days of our lives and look back on them.

So even though I already shared this on Instagram, I feel like I need to have it on here too...

There are some things Owen does that I never want to forget. He is (prepare for some major mom gushing here) the most perfect little person in my entire world and his actions are so genuine and authentic--it is totally entertaining watching and playing with him everyday.

This week he has been obsessed with this little matchbox yellow firetruck. He calls it his "bus". He has been carrying it with him everywhere he goes--it is always in one of his hands. It goes in the bath, in the crib during nap time, to the grocery store, out in the yard to play, etc.

He has a death grip on that thing even when he's eating breakfast with his other hand or trying to grab a cookie sheet full of granola bites (great recipe for another day!) off the kitchen counter.

When he really does feel like he needs two hands he'll hand me the bus---not anyone else, it has to go to Mama---and then he'll come back looking for it when he's done doing whatever he was busied with and say, "Mama? Bus??!". I think his seriousness about his "bus" is so sweet and adorable and amazing. He remembers to come back looking for it and even wake up in the morning asking for it.

Our friend was just asking us last weekend if Owen has a lovie, and he didn't, but I think this might be IT... true love, a boy and his "bus" (that's actually a yellow firetruck).

Tomorrow I'm going out in search of back up "buses" because I do not want to see that little boy's heartbreak when he inevitably loses the bus somewhere.


E Hayes said...

So cute! Ashlynn is this way with her bunny, it's so cute!

erin vancura said...

It's the cutest boy "lovie"!! Seriously he's 100% boy with that bus-- and it's SO CUTE!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Um, this is the cutest post ever. I'm so excited for Hudson to start talking. Little boys are the best!

Happily Ever Parker said...

These are the moments to remember! I didn't have anything I cherished when I was little except for sucking my two fingers...which lasted WAY TOO LONG! :)

Vanessa said...

This is the cutest thing I have ever read…seriously!!!!