Meet the Sullivans: Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose Part II

July 18, 2013

Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose Part II

I'm here sharing Part II of our family fun day at the Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose. If you'd like to see part one click here.

My personal favorite spot for Owen to play was the Wonder Cabinet. It's enclosed on the second floor in its own space and is there especially for children 4 and under. There are so many little nooks and intricate details in this little space that your child could be there for hours discovering and playing!

The alphabet cubbies were SO cute! Each box has a letter on the outside (also in braille), and when the child lifts it up there is another letter cut out on the inside with a visual depiction of something that starts with the letter, like C is for Campfire, etc. I really liked the intricacy and detail of each box.

The Sound Room was one of Owen's favorite spaces in the Wonder Cabinet exhibition. The kids push down on the items and the sounds echo in the little room. Many of the spaces are made for little kids, so the adults have to crouch down to go inside. It's totally doable and I think it's nice for them to have little spaces that are just their size!

We read a tip online that said to bring a change of clothes for your child and be sure to visit the water exhibit LAST. We took that advice seriously, since our guy loves to splash in the water, but surprisingly he wasn't too into it. I think he was really tired at this point. It was really nice that there were too sectioned off sections in the water area -- one for the younger children and one for the older kids. We also really appreciated the waterproof smocks!

The garden outside was probably Owen's favorite spot. He loves to "work" in the garden at home! He got to work right away sweeping, digging and exploring!

I thought this bench would be the perfect spot to get a cute picture of Owen (the lighting is great!), but Owen felt differently. Look at that look!

Gardening is serious business!

This is my favorite picture of Owen from the day. He's so engrossed in transferring the soil from one shovel to the other, and he looks like such a big boy.

We had such a fun time! If you have kids and live near by I highly recommend CDM of San Jose. I know we'll be going back again soon!


hello erin said...

Wonder cabinet and Water play? Sounds like a toddlers heaven! This children's museum looks AMAZING!

E Hayes said...

What a great museum! Have a an awesome Please Touch, but this looks even better.. and he is sooo cute, I can't take it!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Oh my goodness he is so cute! I bet he slept great that night!

Emily said...

We have a pretty good children's museum here in Houston but that one looks like even more fun! And I can't get over how big Owen looks in these pics!! Such a cutie!