Meet the Sullivans: How We Childproofed Our Open Entertainment Center

July 31, 2013

How We Childproofed Our Open Entertainment Center

Keith and I struggled with how to keep Owen away from our open entertainment center for so long. As soon as he learned to crawl (which was eons ago!) he headed straight for the television and all the attractive little buttons there. We could tell from then on that this was going to be an ongoing problem in our house if we didn't find a solution.

Originally we had the pack and play up against it. At that time we were still using it everyday for Owen, so it made sense, since it was out and in our way all the time anyway -- might as well put it to good use, right? But as we began using it less and less for Owen, and more and more as a place to store toys and block the entertainment center. It just became a total space stealer.

We looked online extensively and never found something that would work for us and that piece of furniture. We weren't going to replace it, so that wasn't an option. We wanted something temporary, that would be easy to remove when we wanted to put a DVD in and something that wouldn't damage the furniture. We wanted something that would still make it possible for us to change the channel while our child blocking device was up.

SO, when we couldn't find exactly what we wanted for purchase we decided to "make" our own childproof solution for the entertainment center. One Sunday afternoon we wandered around Home Depot to see what we could find.

We ended up with a ClosetMaid 72 by 12-Inch SuperSlide Wire Shelf and a few of the Flex-Jaw Spring Clamps to hold it on. It has worked out really well for us and has stood the test of time! Owen still loves sticking his little fingers in there to push one button at a time, and although this isn't ideal either, it is a whole lot better than having to buy another piece of furniture that we don't need or want!


Only recently has Owen been trying to lift the shelving up from the bottom to try to get to the electronics underneath, but he really isn't so interested in the anymore, as he has so many other more interesting things to attend to ... i.e. splashing in the dogs water, scaling the outside of the staircase, climbing on the kitchen table. If you have any awesome solutions for these not so easily childproofed activities please share them below!


hello erin said...

Yay toddlers and buttons. Lex has figure out she can move the dials on the oven (we put the kabosh on that reeeeeal quick). This is a genius way to toddler-proof your entertainment center... And takes up a lot less space than a pack n play! So smart!

A Wedding Story said...

Genius idea! Oh Owen, you and Avery would get along so well. Ha!

Stephanie said...


Anonymous said...

Going to measure my entertainment center and try this soon. Much less expensive than those baby fences