Meet the Sullivans: I Can't Decide

July 3, 2013

I Can't Decide

Do you feel like I'm always coming to you asking you for answers to my "problems"? I know I am, but it's only because you're one of the best resources for great advice! I hope you'll take that as a compliment!

A while back when we all heard that Google Reader was to be no more come July 1st I panicked a little. I depended so heavily on GR for my daily blog fix, I had been using it for years, and I was really comfortable using it. I immediately did some research to find my perfect replacement and settled (pretty happily) with Feedly.

Feedly has been great to me for the past few months. I've become pretty comfortable with the layout, etc. What I don't like though is that to add a new blog to my list I have to take a few steps -- copy url, open a new tab, load Feedly, paste url and categorize.

It seems to me that Bloglovin, with their buttons and such, makes this process a lot easier. The layout is really simple too. I also really like being able to see the rankings on Bloglovin. I've already found a few new blogs this way.

So my questions are, which one do you use? What do you like about the one you picked?

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E Hayes said...

I use bloglovin' and actually like it better than google reader, aside that it doesn't link up with blogger and GFC. For some reason, the app I used for GR never would move all unread to the top and just keep them in chrono order even if read, and I have perez hilton in my feed, so there are 50 gossip stories a day and I don't read them all, esp on my phone, so other blogs would get lost in the mix until I logged in online.

I've found a lot a new blogs recently through "similar blogs" on bloglovin' and really don't have any complaints. I keep hearing a lot of people use feedly and it makes me want to switch, but seems like too much effort lol!

Carolina Charm said...

I started with feedly, then switched to bloglovin. I felt like every time I logged into the feedly app it was "over capacity" and it annoyed me.

However, I haven't adjusted to bloglovin yet either. ergghhh.

Lobster Meets Peach said...

I went with Bloglovin since it was easy.

But what I to know is if GR is really going away!?! The 1st of July has come and gone yet I still can "see" all of the blogs I follow on GR. Weird!

erin vancura said...

I used feedly before blog lovin'... I always thought feedly was so fancy (in a good way) and I loved the magazine outlay. But I had other complaints (which I've heard they've fixed recently!). I just haven't made any effort to switch back :)