Meet the Sullivans: Independence Day 2013

July 5, 2013

Independence Day 2013

We had a great low-key (as low-key as things can be with a toddler!) 4th of July! We played outside, went to a festival in our neighborhood, ate rocket pops, played at the splash pad. mixed up some patriotic mojitos and barbequed dinner. God Bless America!

Owen's Shirt (Simply Made with Love) + Shorts (similar) + Shoes (Keen)

Have a fantastic weekend! See you Monday!


erin vancura said...

SUCH a fun 4th!! i love it!! and you all looked adorable!!!

Unknown said...

He is just too cute! Love his plaid pants, precious for the 4th :)
And these food and drinks look so delicious!! Now, I want a mojito :)

E Hayes said...

what a fun day! sounds like the perfect 4th for a toddler too!