Meet the Sullivans: Wednesday Morning Catch Up + guest blogging

July 17, 2013

Wednesday Morning Catch Up + guest blogging

Good morning, friends! I'm guest blogging today over on Jillian's blog, Earning Our Stripes, sharing all of the details of what our dream home looks like! Here's a peak...

Our dream home is a family friendly space that welcomes playing and laughter, space to cook great meals and comfy couches for watching movies together. I would like the living space to be large enough for the parties we love to host, while also feeling cozy enough for daily living.

If you'd like to see and hear more, head on over to Earning Our Stripes!

We really kept busy while Keith was gone for a few days last week and I wanted to make sure to document all the fun things we did with all of our favorite people! 

Friday morning we headed up to the San Francisco Zoo with Keith's mom and Owen's cousins Megan and Brandon. We had so much fun together checking out all of the animals. It was pretty cold up there (the SF Zoo sits right next to the ocean), but it warmed up by lunch. This time we got to see the big lion! Owen was in awe! 

Friday night Keith's mom was so sweet and took us all (Owen's cousins, Aunt, me and him) out to dinner. All the kids got ice cream after dinner -- can you tell Owen loves vanilla ice cream, just like his mommy!

Sunday we picnicked around lunch time with my mom and sister at the park. I am still in love with my Mabel's Labels! I put one on each of Owen's sand toys for when we go to the park. Sand toys are so cheap, so I don't really care if we lose them, but I'd hate to grab someone elses toy by mistake. This helps me make sure I only grab ours when we're heading home AND it makes asking for your own toys back when you're trying to leave.

Saturday night we went to a friends house for dinner with the rest of the "Camping Widows" it was so fun sitting around with the girls catching up! Before we went I had to get myself ready, and this is what Owen did while I got dressed!

Sunday afternoon / evening when Keith finally got home he needed to get in the shower ASAP. Owen didn't want to let him go on his own, so he spent the entire time outside the shower talking to his dada. He's pretty much wanted to know where his dada is at all time since he's gotten home. This boy loves his Daddy!

Well, we've got a busy day ahead of us today. We're off to the gym in a bit and then when I'm done working out we'll practice our swimming. And then this afternoon my mom is watching Owen so I can have my hair done (thank goodness, things are looking bad over here)!

I'll be back tomorrow with the rest of our trip to the Children's Discovery Museum. Have a wonderful day people!


the girl in the red shoes said...

The picture of Owen standing outside of the shower is SO sweet! He missed his daddy! sure to post a photo of your hair after you get it done! xoxo

Brittney said...

Owen looks like he had a ball at the zoo with his cousins! I think we're going to try the Wild Animal Park sometime this summer with Hudson. I'm ordering labels as we speak - genius! I swear we always come home from the beach with 5 fewer toys!

Happily Ever Parker said...

Awe the shower picture is too cute! :) What a sweetie!

Natalie said...

He seems like such a happy little guy!

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

That is so sweet about him standing next to the shower to be close to Dad. :)

And I remember us going to the SF Zoo last July and I even commented on my blog about how funny it is to wear big jackets up there in dead summer! haha