Meet the Sullivans: Most Pin-Worthy Recipe Posts

August 14, 2013

Most Pin-Worthy Recipe Posts

There's a little trick I want to share with you today that has been so fun for me! Did you know you can easily see all of the "pins" on Pinterest that came from your website? Just use this link and replace the "" part with your own site's web address.

One of my favorite things to do on Pinterest is seeing what recipes (crafts / projects / parties) of my own are floating around out there on the internet. Have you ever done it before?

Moving on! They're not really my recipes because I usually use inspiration from a magazine or cookbook, but the photos are my own, so seeing that that photo I took sparked someone's interest enough to pin the recipe makes me really excited! And flattered! And cool!

Here are some of the most popular recipes pinned from Meet the Sullivans:

I hope that maybe some of these recipes will spark your interest too! 

Oh hey, and PS. This little blog placed 19th in the Circle of Moms by PopSugar Top 25 Mom Blogs of Norcal! So I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported me and voted and cheered me on!


hello erin said...

19th! Yay!!!! And I'm about to add even more Colleen pin love out there... These all look ah-mazing.

Kendall Jones said...

Yes! I'm always surprised at what has become my most popular pins. It's things that I like, but would certainly not list as my favorite recipes. It has everything to do with the photo, I guess, and it's totally unpredictable! Congrats on being #19 :)

Courtney said...

Hooray for the 19th slot!! That's awesome, girl!

Also, thanks for the Pinterest tip. That's super fun.

Emily said...

Yay for 19th, that is so awesome! I love looking at what pins of mine are on Pinterest too. I know I have pinned many of your recipes. They always look delish. You do a great job!

Happily Ever Parker said...

Yay for #19!! If you verify your blog on pinterest you can see all your analytics on there as well. It's pretty neat!

E Hayes said...

yep, I check the pins from my site pretty much daily as thats the "pinterest" saved link on my google chrome browser. :)

These look awesome!

Christina @ Still Lucky said...

I actually did not know that! Good to know! Thanks for sharing :)