Meet the Sullivans: Weekend Wrap Up | music, pancakes and fairyland

August 8, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up | music, pancakes and fairyland

You're probably thinking, "Um, Colleen, you know it's Thursday afternoon, which means tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is thus just a heartbeat away, right?" And yes, I know, but sometimes real life gets in the way of blogging about life.

Better LATE than never, right? The weekends always go by too quickly -- maybe because we're always too busy having fun to stand by and watch them pass us by?

Our weekend started out at the Foster City Friday night summer concert. We went with a big group of friends and had fun catching up and chasing after the kids. It was pretty cold once the sun went down, so it was an early night.

Saturday morning we had plans to have breakfast with my mom and sister and when they got here I realized my keys were locked inside the car. I had to call AAA, and they came really quick, and Owen loved seeing the tow truck -- major HIGHLIGHT of his day! 
Morning babas -- double latte for mama and milk (or "mook", if we're speaking toddler) for O. 

The boy grubbed down on his french toast and sausage like a big boy. He has been super into "coloring" lately, so he stayed busy with the crayons and coloring page he was given.

(Teacher side not: Obviously the scribbling is normal for a toddler, but as a former Kindergarten teacher I am dying for him to be a good colorer and stay in side the lines, color in one direction and fill the whole page with color!)

I strayed from my usual go to Banana Wheatgerm Pancakes and tried the Banana Coconut Macadamia nut and they be my new fave! Might have to try to recreate these bad boys!

We stopped into a few shops after breakfast, J. Crew being the most fruitful. I bought nothing, but LOVE this jacket! I'm really hoping it goes on sale soon.

We picked Keith up from the hospital (he works inpatient on Saturdays, so don't be alarmed -- he's fine) and he suggested froyo (LOVE him), which we went and got. It was awesome! Blush Organic is my favorite yogurt place hands down. 

Owen fell asleep really early Saturday night so we watched American Graffiti and ordered pizza.

Sunday morning we decided it was time for another #familyfunday, so we took O to Children's Fairyland in Oakland. Here's a little description: Children's Fairyland is a theme park for children, located in Oakland, California on the shore of Lake Merritt. It was the first "themed" amusement park in the United States and the first amusement park created specifically for families with young children. Fairyland includes 10 acres of play sets, small rides, and animals. The park is also home to the Open Storybook Puppet Theater, the oldest continuously operating puppet theater in the United States

There is a "hidden mickey" inside the Alice in Wonderland attraction that was painted by Walt Disney himself on one of his visits to the park back in the 50's. Rumor is that he liked the character paintings on the mural so much that he asked if he could add one to the wall, and the owners of the park obliged.

After visiting the park we stopped into Fenton's for dinner and dessert. While we waited for our table we looked around in Myrtle's Lodge at all the cute old fashioned nostalgic toys and gifts. We bought owned a horn for his bike!

How cute are these ice cream scoops? So fun and easy to hold for a toddler!


That's all for now!


Camille said...

How fun!! When I was a kid my grandpa lived in one of the high rises on Lake Merritt and we used to go to Fairyland every time we came to visit. It doesn't look like much has changed!
Happy almost weekend :)

Megan said...

Looks like a great weekend! Love your scarf and obvi that J.Crew outfit!

Instagram: megawat

Unknown said...

love that little mickey mouse fun fact!