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September 19, 2013

KTMA | Go-To Gear

Today is the final day of our Kid Tested, Mom Approved Link Up and the sweet and lovely Vanessa of Sunflower State of Mind is hosting today's topic all about your favorite Go-To Gear!
In case you don't already know, we just got home from our first family trip to Disneyland. We had such a fun time there and our ride was mostly smooth (they way back was less than fun toward the end, since O got carsick) and our time in the park was really fun. 
While the long car ride (about 5+ hours from where we live) had potential to be disastrous, we were really pleased with how it all went and I'd like to think that some of the great toddler "gear" we brought along helped us out.  And although Disneyland is a magical and fun place, you need to really prepare yourself for the weather, crowds and long lines when totting a toddler through the park...
So I thought today would be a great opportunity to share some of the awesome items we brought along during our travels!

1. CAT Trucks - These CAT Trucks come in a package of six and each one can fit in the palm of your hand, which makes them the perfect thing to take on a trip. Owen was thrilled to see them because he loves worker trucks! We busted them out one at a time and O was so excited to see each one.

2. Stroller Fan - The weather in Southern California was so hot while we were in Disneyland, so this fan was a life saver.

3. The Baby Whisperer - One night we forgot to turn the white noise on and no one slept well. When sharing a room with your husband and toddler (or anyone, really) it is essential to create some "quiet" with white noise. It also helps drown out the noise of the elevator you're sharing a wall with.

4. TV Time - We used these little DVD players on the way down and then back again to watch a few shows and some movies. I wouldn't take another trip without them. They're great if you have two kids too, because they can each watch their the movie on their own screen.

5. Lollipop, Lollipops - I discovered these on Erin's blog a few weeks before our trip and promptly ordered two bags. They were a nice little treat for Owen in the car as well as while relaxing on the trian around the park.

6. Sumo Snack Stacker - This snack catcher comes with us everywhere we go, so it's no surprise it was an essential on this trip too. Every mom knows that snacks can buy you time, and when we were waiting in line for most rides we needed all the extra minutes we could get.

7. CamelBak Eddy - We love this water bottle. I would fill it with ice and water each morning so we knew Owen always had his H20 to keep him hydrated in the serious heat.

8. Hold the Bean - We wanted to maximize Owen's comfort during his inevitable road trip car nap, and this amazing little contraption was exactly what we needed to accomplish that. No more head flopping or unsuccessful blanket propping. Make sure you measure your car seat before buying one of these, because we had to get a little creative with ours, but it still worked.

9. A Comfortable Stroller - Originally we were unsure about which stroller we should bring, but we decided on the BOB and it was a great choice. It rides smoothly, gives Owen plenty of room to stretch out and has a great canopy that provide lots of sun protection.

10. Make Snacking Accessible - Owen isn't usually happy when he has to be strapped in to anything, but if he has snacks and a drink within reach he's much more willing. The snack tray made trekking around the park during snack / lunch / breakfast time a happy experience for everyone involved. 
Now tell us your favorite toddler / kid / baby gear items!! 


Jenny said...

Great idea on the stroller fan! It's so hot here in the summer that one of those will be on the list for next year! I couldn't agree with you more about snacks and the snack tray! I also always always (driving or flying) travel with my BOB because like you said it's so easy to navigate, they are comfy and have room to spread out. I also like that it's strong so you can carry a lot of stuff on it :)

E Hayes said...

Great list! Def going to look into the dvd player for the car, we could definitely use something like that.

hello erin said...

Your really really making me want to visit Disneyland! And I think I'm going to order those trucks for lex-- she's a big truck lover!!

Unknown said...

The lollipops are a must!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Totally bookmarking this post for the future!

Christina @ Still Lucky said...

These are all such good thoughtful items to take with you on a trip. I'll have to remember to get a fan next time we go anywhere hot. And that headband for the car seat is genius.

Vanessa said...

I am definitely going to keep the "hold the bean" in mind for our roadtrip in December. There is nothing worse than the head bobbing and flopping!!!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

So much awesome in this list! I will definitely be bookmarking this for our one day trip to Disney World. That fan is so win. I'm so glad you had fun too!

natasha {schue love} said...

So many great ideas here! Will definitely have to get the tray for our next big trek...and possibly the fan too! Also must check out those suckers! OH and we just got the Camelbak for Ethan...he loves it!

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

This list is awesome. I had no idea that they made a stroller fan-wish I knew that this summer-and the hold the bean is awesome. I always worry about Sawyer's neck when he naps in the car, so I'll have to invest in that for sure.

Megan said...

We're headed to Disney this Winter, you suggest the BOB? I was unsure of bringing it and trying to push that bulldozer of a stroller through the crowds. You didn't have any problems?

Hello Newlywed Life Blog

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

We love the sumo snack thing from Zoli too! So handy and fits so many snacks. We went through a few and are so happy with this purchase!

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

This was a fun linkup! I love all these items, but those mini dvd players definitely caught my eye. And we've bought those exact same mini cat trucks for trips before! Perfect for a trip because of their size.