Meet the Sullivans: Owen's First Trip to Disneyland (Part Two)

September 24, 2013

Owen's First Trip to Disneyland (Part Two)

I'm back today to re-cap a little more about our Disneyland trip! If you missed Part One you can read it here.

Owen did great with all of the characters. We were a bit concerned with how he would do, like most parents, but we thought that maybe he would do well since he's always done great with Santa / The Easter Bunny, and he did. He really loved Pluto the most. He especially like the use his pointer finger to reach out and touch their nose, like some sort of greeting, almost like shaking hands or something.

Unfortunately Mickey Mouse's House in Toontown was closed while we were there, but he still got to meet Mickey. Minnie's House was open and Owen had a ball running around playing with all the cartoonish decor, furniture and appliances.

We watched the fireworks on our first night (which was the only night the show happened while we were there since they were closing at 7pm all the other nights to set up for their Halloween look) and the parade on another night. Both were worth staking out a good spot. Owen really got into the parade and LOVED waving to the characters and watching the dancers. TIP: Pay attention to where you sit in regards to the speakers. We mistakenly sat right in front of one and it was a bit loud.

Owen seriously enjoyed exploring Pirates Lair aka Tom Sawyer's Island! The caves with the spooky lights and sounds were too much for him, but the bridges + treasures + general outdoorsy feel was very much to his liking.

Not solely Disneyland related, but worth mentioning, Owen has learned to take off his shoes and he thinks it's so funny. One morning when we were rushing through California Adventure to get to some rides before the lines got too long Owen took off and threw his left shoe out of the stroller. Keith and I were obviously too busy to notice until we got to the ride, so Keith had to go back looking for it -- which took 20 minutes! Luckily he found it!

The little shows and performances were our friend. Often it means you get to sit down in an air conditioned room (like for Turtle Talk with Crush or the Disney Junior Live on Stage show or the Tiki Room) or at the least in the shade somewhere. Owen enjoyed watching the shows (especially the Disney Junior Show -- he was mind blown!) and we all enjoyed a little bit of down time!
The FOOD in Disneyland is not your normal themed park variety of hot dogs (although there are amazing corn dogs) and popcorn. We always look forward to trying what's new and different when we go.

Clockwise from top left: beignets from Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney, mai tais at Trader Sam's Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel, corn dog from the Little Red Wagon Corn Dog Cart on Main Street, caramel and chocolate covered Minnie Mouse marshmallow on a stick from Candy Palace on Main Street and chocolate covered smores from Candy Palace on Main Street.
We didn't spend a ton of time in California Adventure, but we did really enjoy Cars Land, especially the main event there Radiator Springs! This was the only ride I went on alone the whole time we were down there and it was totally worth it.

Here is a big TIP for all the people visiting Disneyland with little ones: One some of the more popular rides (or maybe all of them, but we just noticed it on the bigger ones) you can get what is called a Rider Switch Pass (This is for when you want to go on a ride but not everyone in your party meets the height requirement (i.e. babies and toddlers). We just asked for one as we were about to get in line for the ride (it's the picture on the left). So Keith stayed back with Owen and I went along in the regular line. Before I got on the actual ride they have me the pass on the right, which is what I gave Keith when I got done. He walked up through the Fast Pass line and get right on the ride.

We didn't ride all of our regular rides while we were there, but we made sure Owen got on most of the rides we knew he would enjoy. He got to ride: Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Peter Pan, It's a Small World, Roger Rabbit, the Monorail, Disneyland Railroad, Storybook Land Canal Boats, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Autotopia, Jungle Cruise, Red Car Trolley, The Little Mermaid - Ariel's Undersea Adventure, Toy Story Midway Mania!, Monsters Inc., Mater's Junkyard Jamboree and Heimlich's Chew Chew Train.

On the morning we were leaving we brought Owen to Goofy's Kitchen for the character breakfast buffet. We thought it was a good idea to make this the last thing we did before leaving since by that point in the trip we would know if he was really frightened by the characters and obviously we wouldn't be going anymore. As you can see from the pictures, Owen really adored the characters. He was over the moon excited to see Pluto. He was totally smitten! The food was plentiful and you can get all sorts of things there. They have everything from eggs Benedict, to pizza and cupcakes available. My favorite thing had to be the Lemon Coconut Cream Cupcakes -- yes, you read that correctly I had a cupcake with my breakfast!

We had so much fun in Disneyland and Owen's age really wasn't an issue-- it just made our trip different from the ones we've taken before. We have already been talking about planning another trip for next Summer!


Kelly Slater said...

Your pics are soooo good! I know you had such a great time, and this just gets me so excited to take our daughter! That Minnie marsh mellow stick, oh my goodness! YUM!

hello erin said...

I love your Disneyland trip!! I seriously want one... And for it to be as fun as yours (and filled with those marshmallows).

natasha {schue love} said...

The pictures of him with the characters is sooo great! Love how enthusiastic he is! And so many great tips about going with a child. I STILL love Peter Pan and the Storybook boat...totally reminds me of childhood. Question: what did you do with your stroller when you all went on a ride or was someone always on watch? Te photo above shows a lineup of strollers with locks on them and I was just curious if you did that too!

Living out of Wedlock said...

This post makes me wanna go! I love his facial expression on the first photo! So cute!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

I love the pics of Owen with his nose squished up. Smiling? I'd really love one of those covered marshmallows right about now. Disney has great (pricy) food. I think Aria would love to go and look at everything at Disney, now to just convince dad.

Emily said...

Okay, now I REALLY want to go to Disney! I have no idea how Owen would do with all the characters, glad O loved them. The shoe thing, oh goodness that could get interesting! Glad you found it though. I hope I get to reference your post one day soon!

Happily Ever Parker said...

Disneyland through a child's eyes. No better way to see it!

Christina @ Still Lucky said...

I can't hardly wait to go to Disney with my daughter! I think we'll go when she's a little older but it's so wonderful to hear that Owen had a good time and loved the characters!

In This Wonderful Life said...

I love the pics! IT looks like it was a blast!

that food....looks GOOD!

I can't wait to take Knox & Sloane!

Tawnya Faust said...

Love all the pictures!! Looks like Owen had so much fun! Did you find he was a good age for it?! I can't wait to bring Scarlett someday, I'm just not sure when is the best time to take her! Maybe we will just have to go on multiple Disney vacays! :)

Colleen Sullivan said...

Love the white and grey dress you had on... where is it from?

Colleen Sullivan said...

Thanks! It's just a really basic cotton dress from Old Navy a few years ago.