Meet the Sullivans: The Mommy Wardrobe

October 16, 2013

The Mommy Wardrobe

My "style" (if you can even call it that!) as a mom is admittedly much, much different than how I dressed pre beautiful baby boy. I was working and newly married, so we went to work during the week and on the weekend we went on dates and had carefree fun. I taught Kindergarten before having Owen, and my typical work outfit looked something like this:

dress casual

Now that I'm home, most of the time I wear the same boring "momiform" day in and day out. It's a combination of lose fitting comfy khakis, stretchy skinny jeans (on a special day) or yoga pants and a lot of Old Navy / Gap / Target t-shirts and cardigans, but on most days I wear a pullover sweatshirt.

I go through stages of "Who cares what I wear! I really only seen Owen all day, and he doesn't care what I'm wearing. I'm just going to stay in these yoga pants all day!" and "I should really get dressed today. In real clothes, specifically with zippers." I'm happiest and comfiest in the yoga pants, but I feel good about my self and my appearance when I wear real clothes.

I'm trying to find a happy medium. I've put together some outfits, with things I have, that meet somewhere in the middle of "comfy" and "cute".

Untitled #16

And if I were to run into you at Target or Safeway on any day of the week this season I would probably be wearing some version of this, since it's pretty much what I'm wearing these days. It's nothing special, but it looks nice enough and the cords are so comfy I can wear them anywhere!


So, now it's your turn! What's you "uniform" these days?  Am I missing out on any great day-to-day finds or trends? Help me get ideas to add to my "Mommy Uniform"!


Colleen Sullivan said...

Can't say I've got much to add - comfy pants, comfy top, and combed hair on a good day! I love the last style board, esp the cords - where are they from?

Colleen Sullivan said...

I'm with ya on being comfy! I pretty much live in my leggings and long sleeve tees and sweaters! However, right now I'm really into shirts with elbow patches for me and the little man! Check out my post about it today!

Colleen Sullivan said...

My mommy wear is a lot like yours, yoga pans while at home and when I go out is usually jeans, tshirt and sandals... I think about stepping it up a botch but it's hard enough getting two kids fed, dressed and out if the house as it is.

Colleen Sullivan said...

I love these style boards! I haven't played around with Polyvore yet, I have a feeling I'll be obsessed.

I'm pretty similar to you, except I don't own any corduroys. I'd really like to get some if they're so comfortable! I like that the wear is changing now and I'll get to wear more long-sleeve tee's and a big scarf. Nice and easy put-together-outfit for mommies!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Your mommy uniform is so cute!! I'm obsessed with the jcrew pixie and Minnie pant (they look fancy- and have zippers but are SO COMFY). And any anthro loose shirt! It's a miracle if I last in "real clothes" all day ;)

Colleen Sullivan said...

My mommy wear and office wear (if I'm going to the office) is mostly casual above the knee dresses and heels/sandals and now boots. Love my denim jacket to go over dresses. I also live in skinny jeans and riding boots. Scarves are my friend too. I went through a phase of no one sees my but my daughter, but I had to snap out of that because the truth is - it matters what I saw in the mirror.

Colleen Sullivan said...

I was seriously just thinking yesterday that I need to step up my wardrobe just a little bit from just yoga pants and/or jeans and a comfy top! I love your ideas and you inspired me to break down and by my first scarf to accessorize for a party this weekend!

Colleen Sullivan said...

I was just working on a post about this! I am so in a rut of yoga pants each day, and sadly, I'm not doing any yoga. :) Love your outfits!!!