Meet the Sullivans: Thirsty Thursday Guest Post | Pumpkin Caramel Affogato

October 17, 2013

Thirsty Thursday Guest Post | Pumpkin Caramel Affogato

Hey, y’all, I am so thrilled to be visiting over here at Colleen’s space, I love following her and her sweet family via her blog and on Instagram. You can normally find me over at Tinge Of Whimsy or my food and travel blog, The Thankfull Tummy. I mainly ramble on about our travels and life in North Carolina (sometimes I delve into deeper topics, such as infertility) but mainly, I am a woman that loves bacon, books and bourbon…which leads me to my drink of choice for you all today!

My husband is a fan of simplicity and one of his favorite dessert drinks is an affogatto. Which is usually just vanilla gelato (or ice cream) and then pouring a piping hot shot of espresso over top. The two flavors then meld together as the gelato melts into a fantastic and yummy treat.

One of my favorite things to do is play around with flavors and there is nothing I love more than the flavors of fall! One day I had the thought to change up his go to treat by subbing out the coffee and gelato flavor. And the most obvious first choice was pumpkin and caramel. And then I needed but a reason to add bourbon. I came up with about a thousand.

2 scoops caramel gelato ( I used talenti sea salt caramel gelato)
1 cup pumpkin flavored coffee
1 tbsp bourbon (optional)

Place gelato in glass, add bourbon and top with coffee. Let melt for a few seconds and then enjoy. This would also be amazing with whip cream. The second time I made bourbon caramel flavored whip cream. Heaven in a bowl. It barely made it to the glass!

The choices are endless with the varieties you could create. Peppermint mocha, banana caramel, eggnog. Just have at it!

Thanks so much for having me today, Colleen! Hope some of you will come pay me a visit, I have cocktails up on both blogs every Thursday!

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