Meet the Sullivans: 25 Christmas Activities to Do with a Toddler

November 27, 2013

25 Christmas Activities to Do with a Toddler

We are all SO excited for Christmas this year! Owen was almost a year old last year, so he was definitely able to join in on most of the fun, but I think he'll really enjoy our traditions this year. I want to make sure we fully enjoy this holiday season and immerse ourselves in all the fun there is to be had. As a part of using our advent calendar that I shared with you yesterday we'll be completing at least one of these fun activities each day.

There are 25 activities on this list, but that doesn't mean they need to be done each day! Feel free to even just pick a few and try to do those. A list like this can be overwhelming, so I have a little note in each drawer of Owen's Advent calendar with the name of that day's activity, but I'm reserving the right to switch them around to fit our schedule and mood. And there is a great possibility we might do two activities in one day, and that we might do some twice!

1. visit Santa.
2. write a letter to Santa.
3. shop for our Operation Christmas Child box.
4. bake Christmas cookies.
5. decorate the tree.

6. make a homemade card for our OCC box. 

7. string a popcorn garland.
8. make holiday scented playdough together.
9. buy canned goods for a local food drive and drop them off.
10. attend Christmas art class at Scribble Me Happy.
11. pick, buy and donate a toy to Toys for Tots.

12. finger paint using Christmas colors. 

13. make an in door snowman
14. paint with Christmas cookie cutters
15. make a snow man pizza for dinner
16. watch Christmas shows and movies

17. bake and decorate gingerbread men after reading The Gingerbread Man
18. pack, wrap and mail OCC box. 
19. make a north pole smoothie 
20. attend Holiday music classes


21. frost and decorate ice cream cones as Christmas trees.
22. make a handprint Christmas ornament
23. visit the Union Square Christmas tree in San Francisco  

24. walk Eucalyptus Avenue in San Carlos and see all the lights
25. make a holiday snow man lunch

We can't wait to get started!


Colleen Sullivan said...

can lex and i come over for the entire month of december? pretty please? your list is seriously amazing. and i'm stealing the ice cream cone idea ASAP. its way too cute!!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Ah I love this so much! So many great ideas. You and Owen are going to have so much fun!

Colleen Sullivan said...

So many great ideas! I think I might just borrow your list and add it to our advent plans! Love that you included lots of things to do for others too. Happy almost Thanksgiving, friend!

Colleen Sullivan said...

What an amazing list! Already bookmarked for future reference!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Been googling mini-pie crust recipes & your fits the bill-Thanks for this-I'm going to try fresh apples & the crumb topping-was looking for heat and cook time-so this recipe is the perfect guideline for me to create a nice & easy dessert for Thanksgiving.