Meet the Sullivans: Happy Birthday, Mom!

November 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Thank you so much for your input on which design I should chose for our Christmas card. It is so helpful to have the opinions of an impartial jury! I'm still in the process of making my final decision, but I'll definitely make it a about to share them once they're ordered and then sent off to our friends and family!

On to more important things...

I'm taking a little break from Thirsty Thursday this week to wish my beautiful mom a Happy Birthday!

I always knew I had a great mom, but I never truly appreciated all the work you put into giving your family a great life until I had a family of my own to care for. It is not as easy as you made it seem, mom! Owen and I can't wait to surprise you at work this morning with treats and balloons for you and the Kindergarteners!



Colleen Sullivan said...

balloons and treats for her and her class? OMG. best daughter ever!! happy birthday to your mom. and i seriously appreciate my mom WAY MORE now that i'm one too :)

Colleen Sullivan said...

So sweet! I think your Mom teaches at my Nephews' school! She looks familiar from when I went to their open house last year! Maybe they'll have her for a teacher one day!!

Colleen Sullivan said...

So sweet! I'm sure your Mom is going to love the suprise! :)


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Colleen Sullivan said...

How sweet!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Today is my mom's birthday too! Or was...she passed away 10 years ago. But you are so right. You totally don't fully appreciate your mom until you become a mom too. Happy birthday to your mom!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet momma!