Meet the Sullivans: Owen is 22 Months!

November 19, 2013

Owen is 22 Months!

Our sweet, energetic little boy turned 22 months yesterday!! That's just two (what I'm sure will be busy and fun filled) months from being TWO! It's hard to believe he is almost two whole years old, because I feel like we just brought him home from the hospital. There's also the fact that every so often I still feel like a new mom just learning as I go.

What's new with Owen...

The bedtime routine. Owen is picking up on the bedtime routine (books, bottle, bed) and has been falling asleep really easily -- often on his own in the crib. Gone are the days when we would have to coax him into sleep with shushing and bouncing / rocking excessively. He no longer needs all that. Reading a few books in the chair are all he seems to need to put him in the mood for bed these days. He'll even say, "Nigh-night Mommy (or Dadaay). Yove You!" when we leave the room.

Singing Carols! He's into singing "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells"!! You can see that video and hear my beautiful awful singing voice on my Instagram.

Weaponize it. He is all the way a little BOY. Example: I gave him a peeled full size carrot and after taking one bite he decided it was no longer a snack and turned it into an imaginary sword.

Just like his daddy. Still loves Star Wars! Keith introduced him to the movie one night when I was out and now Owen requests it. He wants a lightsaber.

Explorer. He loves going outside for a "walk", but we usually only make a few houses down the street before he gets distracted by a plant, stick or rock.

Chatty Charlie. He is saying all sorts of things and surprises us often with a new word or phrase we didn't think he'd pick up on.

Working on Patience. He always wants to be the first to get stamps at the end of Gymboree class, so as soon as he hears the teacher say "stamp" he runs over to the wall where she gives them out and sits down. It's so sweet to watch him sit so patiently, with his legs straight out in front of him and toes pointed (he likes getting the stamps on his feet), waiting for his turn to get his stamps. 

Potty. Went poop on the potty for the first time all on his own (first time EVER on the potty too) on my birthday. Happy Birthday to Mommy!

A recent conversation at the park:
Owen: "Boss coming."
Me: "The "boss" is coming? Who's the boss?"
Owen: thinks for sec, then points to himself and says "Owen?"
Me: "Noooo, mommy's the boss"
Owen: looks disapoointed, then says "Owen boss too?"

Loves to read books and sing songs. Still tries to eat the crayons when coloring.

Eats. Broccoli, carrots (cooked and raw), apples, bananas (sometimes), and strawberries. Cheese pizza is still his favorite food next to his bottles of milk.

Loves. dogs, trucks, trains, birds, seeing people doing work outside, wearing a hat, chocolate milkshakes, books and talking!

Busy, busy, boy. Other than running errands we've been keeping busy with: trips to the park, Gymboree class, visiting Curiodyssey, going on walks, feeding the birds in the backyard with B, reading books, cooking together and crawling around, pretending to be lions!

We definitely buy a whole lot less gear these days for our little guy, but we're overflowing with TOYS! Keith and I both have a hard time going out anywhere with O and not coming home with something for him

Owens Faves 22 mo

Owen is really into playing with toys that he can do with someone or that allow him to play pretend. He loves cooking with me in the kitchen with the little set that came with our Citrus Lane box this month, and he really likes to use his tool set to fix all the things around the house. We made play dough last week and we've been using it as pretend food with his kitchen pots and pans. Dinosaur Roar is his favorite book these days and he requests it before bed reach night.

Dear Owen,

Everything is new and exciting to you these day my sweet, boy. You're a breath of fresh air to us all, and a reminder of all that is good in this world. Every moment with you is an adventure. We love you very, very much!

xoxo, Mommy


Colleen Sullivan said...

What sweet, sweet pictures. He is such a doll!

Colleen Sullivan said...

He is so sweet. I can imagine him sitting down waiting for stamps at the end of Gymboree. How exciting watching Owen grow and change!

Colleen Sullivan said...

"Nigh-night Mommy (or Dadaay). Yove You!" Just melt my heart.

Colleen Sullivan said...

He's such a photogenic guy! :) Love "the boss" conversation!!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Great update, love seeing the differences just between a few months. And star wars and carrot swords, crack me up! Buckle up mama!

Colleen Sullivan said...

These are some great pics you snapped, Mama! I LOVE the carrot sword story. So perfect.

Colleen Sullivan said...

he is such a good little poser!! so cute!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Is he getting cuter? How is this possible?!?!? And I love the park conversation--priceless!! :)