Meet the Sullivans: Wrapping Up the Weekend

November 18, 2013

Wrapping Up the Weekend

I never know what to call these posts! Although it is technically still our weekend I'm doing a little weekend wrap up now. I've been under the weather all day, so I know nothing too exciting is going to happen between now and bedtime!

Friday - After Keith was done at work we swung by a mall that has a Target to pick up a few things there and a few other places (read: new video games because Keith's Playstation 4 was coming on Saturday) in the mall. I hadn't been to that particular mall in years, but I might go back every now and then, even though it's a much longer drive from home than our regular mall, because Owen LOVED riding the little cars they have there. The only way we got him off them without a complete meltdown was the promise of a hot dog and french fries at Five Guys. He also loved the play space, but I almost had five heart attacks while he played because it was overrun with big kids who almost tramped him.

Owen's November Citrus Lane box also came on Friday and we had lots of fun opening it up! This month's box was filled with all sorts of fun things: Green Toys Stock Pot & Utensil Set, which I had on O's Christmas list (check!), a Zoo Plate from Skip Hop, some adorable and seriously useful Bumkins Reusable Snack Bags, lip balm from Purlisse for the mamas, Organicasaurus Baked Organic Corn Snack from Good Boy Snacks and a voucher for address labels from Tiny Prints! Amazing stuff, right?!

If you'd like to sign up for a box follow this link and you'll receive $10 off your order (and I'll receive $10 off my next box too)! Makes a great gift for the little ones (and moms!) in your life!

Saturday - Keith worked :( Owen and I met our friends Shannon her daughter Amelia at Starbucks before all heading over to a preschool for a tour. While I really like the school I'm still not ready to commit. I don't feel like we've found the perfect school for us, although this one was pretty close. I know what I want for Owen (and us), but I have some work to do in finding it.

Keith's Playstation 4 came and he got right to setting it up as soon as he came home from work. I'm pretty sure he's spent every free moment (which isn't much!) playing it since it arrived. It's like his second son or wife or something. 

Saturday night Keith and I had a date night planned while Owen hung out at home with his B and cousins Nick and Natalie. When we got to the restaurant the wait was 30 minutes so we went a few doors down to this place called The Living Room for a drink while we waited. The place is set up like a living room with various groups of couches, arms chairs, coffee tables, fire places and televisions -- it really reminded me of Central Perk. Our dinner at Vesta was amazing! We started with the garden lettuces and shaved fennel salad, and the burrata plate. Then we shared the spicy mushroom and garlic pizza. We both loved the place and we'll definitely go back again.

Sunday - We went out for a family run early in the morning, and then after getting showered I went out to do the grocery shopping. We basically stayed home the rest of the day, played, took naps and watched football (Keith, not me!). 

Monday - I've pretty much spent all day sleeping and sitting, nothing to document. Owen and Keith on the other hand have been having a ball playing at home like wild men, running errands and playing at the park.  

And I also want to share the WINNER for the Mother's Therapy Organics giveaway I was hosting last week! Congratulations Elizabeth! Your prize should arrive very soon!!


Colleen Sullivan said...

My husband got his PlayStation 4 on Friday and is hooked to the TV screen. I feel replaced, haha. Hope you feel better soon!

Colleen Sullivan said...

This time you got your citrus lane box before me! Ha. I skipped over that part so that we'll still be surprised. Anyway, those cars look like so much fun! I bet Hudson would have a blast playing with Owen. And I think the promise of a hot dog and fries would make me avoid a meltdown too! p.s...hope you are feeling better!