Meet the Sullivans: Decking the Halls

December 12, 2013

Decking the Halls

Keith and I are a match made in holiday Heaven. We like so many of the same things (we have our differences too though) and one of the things we both LOVE is Christmastime! We love Christmas more than any other season all year long.

There are so many little bits of Christmas joy all over our home, but I just wanted to show you a few of our favorite decorations around the house this year.

Our tree is beautiful, although it has no general theme, and it is filled with both of our most treasured ornaments. Are you a colored lights on the Christmas tree person, or a white lights on the Christmas tree person? I am definitely a white lights on the tree person, but Keith is really a fan of the colorful ones... Differences, see? Maybe next year I'll get to put the lights on the tree, and I'll hopefully remember to add ribbon or garland before we do the ornaments.

Owen loves all of the caroling Hallmark stuffed animals we've been given over the years! I'm thinking I'll be removing the batteries in those things before Christmas gets here.

Remember how I told you that we each have our favorite ornaments? Keith's mom gives him an ornament every year and he loves this Indiana Jones one. Owen likes playing with the Michael Jordan and Larry Bird ones too.

I buy at least one high heel ornament each year. I haven't found one this year that I love enough to buy, but there's still time! Someday I'll have to have a little tree dedicated o the collection, with white lights, of course.

My collection started over ten years ago with this one with the Nutcracker as the heel. I'm still in love with it!

We also have quite a few personalized ornaments that we've been given in the last three years. I think my dad had THREE made for us at Kris Kringle of Carmel the Summer before our wedding. I try to just have one or two of these on the tree each year.

And Christmas pillows, how I love them so. Keith thinks I have a throw pillow addiction (we have 9 pillows total on our bed. Is that too much?), and he is probably right...and honestly it just gets worse at Christmas. I ordered a new one from World Market the day before Thanksgiving, but I'm still waiting for it to arrive

I picked this frame up at Michael's last year for Owen's first picture with Santa. Luckily they made the same frame again this year too, so I was able to get a matching one!

I barely bought any new Christmas decorations last year, but I did buy that cute plate at Pier One. I was trying to rein it in a bit on the holiday decor, since I feel like we have so much, but I couldn't resist the cheerful colors and trees.

Pre-lit garland, as holiday must in my book! It's especially nice in a room without a tree of its own.

This our little, but growing, Christmas book collection. We've added two new books to the collection since I took this picture. I actually have a pretty great collection of children's Christmas stories and picture books from when I taught Kindergarten, but they're all paper back. Owen's eager, excited hands aren't ready for paper back books just yet.

My favorite one of our Christmas board books is Who Is Coming To Our House?, a cute story about a little mouse alerting the animals in the stable where Jesus would be born to prepare for Mary and Joseph's arrival. The book is an easy, repetitive, rhyming book -- which is perfect for young book lovers like our little guy.

So there you have it! Thanks for visiting and Merry Christmas!

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Colleen Sullivan said...

Looks stunning, Colleen! I love your throw pillows!!!! Merry Christmas! xx

Colleen Sullivan said...

Great minds think alike! I have a similar post on my blog today. I love the hallmark sings friends too, Addie wanted the Mickey one while we were in the store the other day. I might go back and get it to start her own collection. I love that you collect high heeled ornaments, I haven't heard that one before. ;)

Colleen Sullivan said...

It looks beautiful!!!! And lvoe that you & the hubby are a match in holiday heaven! :)

Colleen Sullivan said...

LOVE your decor! I feel like we have so much stuff too...I think I left at least three full boxes of stuff in the basement! And I'm totally a white light girl too....holding on to that one as long as I can!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Hello from the linkup! Listen I always tell my husband throw pillows are much cheaper than buying new furniture every time i want to change something up. :) Love the pics!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Your Christmas decorations are beautiful!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Oh I love it! I'm crossing my fingers that the Christmas d├ęcor goes on major sale around Christmas so I can stock up like crazy on throws, pillows, and other cute decorations.

Colleen Sullivan said...

You are SO right about that :) I will have to remember that one!!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Thank you!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Me too! I've got my eye on a few things, so I've made an after Christmas list!

Colleen Sullivan said...

Thanks Julie! Yeah, we seriously just need to clean out some of the boxes we have. Maybe after Christmas?

Colleen Sullivan said...

Thank you!!

Colleen Sullivan said...

So funny that you and I, and so many other blogs, posted about trees and decorations today too! There's a link up going too ;)

Colleen Sullivan said...

Thank you!! Merry Christmas!

Colleen Sullivan said...

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