Meet the Sullivans: Five on Friday | rosemary, risotto and the Nativity

December 6, 2013

Five on Friday | rosemary, risotto and the Nativity

I am so thrilled the weekend is here! We have had a horrible week of sleep in our house, and I'm praying it gets better this weekend (like, TONIGHT). At least there are reinforcements on the weekend. Anyway, I'm linking up with the sweet and fabulous ladies behind The Good Life, Carolina Charm, A. Liz Adventures, and Hello Happiness for 5 on Friday today! Thank goodness it's Friday, my friends!

Owen has really gotten into the holiday spirit this year and wants so badly to do his share in ALL the preparations! He "helped" decorate the tree, hang the lights on the house and stamp our Christmas cards. I told him he couldn't climb the ladder with his daddy, but he could when he's a "big man" like daddy. Owen's response? "I BIG MAN, too Mommy!!". His sweet little determined heart kills me!

Risotto is one of my favorite dishes to order at an Italian restaurant, but it had been too long since I made it myself at home. There is just so much attention required, and stirring. Oh the stirring! My arm was exhausted by the time dinner was ready. This recipe looks so bland and boring, but it is not. It is very, very rich, and SO good! I used this simple recipe.

Owen is really into the nativity scene this year! Last year he really just wanted to gnaw on baby Jesus, but this year he just loves playing with all the animals and people. Luckily this is a pretty sturdy creche and most of the people are glued down. It has withstood generations of babies, toddlers and children in Keith's family, so I'm confidant Owen won't do it any harm!

Did you see Jimmy Fallon, Rashida Jones and Carrie Underwood's Thanksgiving themed parody of Katy, Lorde and Miley? See the full video of the performance here. It was pretty funny and they're all really talented, but what I really loved Carrie's skirt! Too bad it's sold out. Sad face. It would be the perfect Christmas Eve outfit. The black is still in stock though!

There is an abundance of rosemary in our front yard, and I'm hoping, among many other things, to get this little wreath made this weekend! I *think* it will be an easy DIY and know it will smell lovely hanging somewhere in the kitchen.

What are you plans for the next few days?


Colleen Sullivan said...

I love risotto. Have you tried Ina's oven version? Delicious without the stiring. I love rosemary too. So pretty and festive for decorating plus yummy in food.

Colleen Sullivan said...

I LOVE risotto. I pinned your recipe and will have to try it out soon!

Colleen Sullivan said...

i LOVE the pictures of owen helping with the lights!! he's seriously SO CUTE and sweet!! and that rosemary wreath looks adorable- and probably smells amazing!!! i cant wait to see!!!

Colleen Sullivan said...

mine did the same thing with baby jesus last year! he looks so cute and serious with those lights!

that wreath is beautiful! let us know how it goes!

Colleen Sullivan said...

risotto is one of my favorite things. looks delicious.