Meet the Sullivans: I've Got Nothing

December 17, 2013

I've Got Nothing

My mind is all over the place with Christmas to do's (things I need to wrap, shop for, cook, plan, etc), so I can't even focus on what might be an interesting blog post for you all this morning. Yep, not even focused enough to write a good hodge podge, so here's something

Let's see, what has been going on around here lately...

Saturday night Owen had his most epic meltdown EVER right before we went out to meet our friends for dinner and Christmas lights. It was so bad, that for a few minutes we though about cancelling. We had to take away something from him that he wasn't supposed to have, and we immediately followed that up with getting him changed to go out. Recipe for disaster, I know. He is so string willed, and I think that is the main issue here. And he is almost two. Lord, help us.

Well, we ended up surviving the meltdown and making it do dinner (late), and we all enjoyed ourselves. The lights turned out to be a lot of fun! There were quite a few houses that were totally amazing. I wonder what their PG&E bills are like this time of the year?

Sunday we did the usual. We worked out in the morning, followed by me running out to the store for our weekly groceries, then putting lunch together. Owen took a three hour nap Sunday afternoon and I napped for two of those hours. It was glorious.

Owen has had a bad cough the last few days, so we went to the pediatrician in the morning. His lungs sounded fine, but he might have an ear infection (he's never had one before). The doctor gave us a prescription for antibiotics in case it turns into a full blown infection. I really appreciate him not forcing the antibiotics at the situation when we may not even need them. His spirits are great, he still has tons of energy, and no fever. Hoping he is on the mend and we won't need the medicine at all.

I did more Christmas shopping in the afternoon while Keith and Owen swept the backyard, and took out the trash and recycling. We had this for dinner and then baked some Christmas cookies. We used the Trader Joe's Sugar Cookie mix and it blew my mind! I've never made soft, thick, chewy, perfect sugar cookies before, and I wasn't confident that last night would be the night when it finally happened. I also wasn't sure how good a baking mix would turn out. My expectations were low, and I was totally moted. They were perfect. I'll be stocking up on the mix the next time I'm a TJ's!

 And have you noticed my "new look"? I'm super, super happy with it! This is my first ever custom blog design, you guys. I've always purchased pre-mades and then had them altered to fit my style. The very creative and patient (patient like a Saint, people) Ashley of Ashley Ella Design and The Blog Salon worked with me for weeks to make this blog exactly what I wanted it to be. She listened to all my wants and needs and never made me feel annoying for asking for revisions. I highly, highly recommend her, not only for her patience, but for her amazing eye for design too! I'll give you a little tour when I have all the right links in the right places!

Today we're keeping busy with our final Christmas Music class this morning and then baking Christmas cookies with my sister!


Court @ Sweet Home Alabamian said...

What beautiful lights and memories you now have! And the cookies look #AMAZE!

Christina @ Still Lucky said...

Oh how fun to see Christmas lights! I really need to find out where to see some in our new neighborhood. Hope you get the rest of your wrapping and shopping done soon!

Megan said...

Christmas lights are the best!!! I'm sure Owen loved it! :)

And LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog design!

Hello Newlywed Life Blog

Courtney said...

I was just noticing your new and improved look! I absolutely adore it.

rachel said...

I saw that cookie mix the other day and wondered...will definitely pick that up next time I'm at Trader Joe's! The blog looks fabulous by the way!!!