Meet the Sullivans: Owen and Santa Meet Again

December 4, 2013

Owen and Santa Meet Again

We've been pretty lucky thus far with Owen's first Santa / first and second Easter Bunny / Disneyland character encounters.... and maybe we almost jinxed ourselves with all of our gloating, because this post and Owen's visit with Santa were almost a complete and utter disaster...

On Monday morning we dressed Owen up and took him to visit Santa. If you follow me on Instagram you know that he already sat on Santa's lap the day after Thanksgiving, and it went well, but I wasn't prepared for the quick impromptu visit, and wanted a picture of him in the outfit I had planned for him.

The trouble is that they make the little area leading up to Santa so much fun that it is really difficult to tear your child away. Owen loved getting to write Santa a letter and checking out all the cute animals along the way! 

This shows the backside of the sweater with "ho ho ho" stitched in. So sweet, right? The front is even cuter! Owen's sweater: Next Direct

Well, after Mean Mommy (that would be me) pulled him away (literally kicking and screaming) from the letter writing station Owen was not happy. Once we got him to calm down he wanted nothing to do with Santa. I almost couldn't believe he was refusing to sit with Santa. This kid likes everyone! After a whole lotta chatting with the nice photographer and us joking around with Santa (so glad there wasn't anyone else waiting in line) O finally gave in and decided he liked jolly old Saint Nick.

Aren't they sweet? Once Owen warmed up to Santa he didn't really want to leave. I think he got comfy on him and decided he wanted to stay and chat for a while.
I think this was when Santa asked Owen what he wanted for Christmas and Owen very decidedly answered "TOYS!" with a huge grin and a nod. Then he started pointing things out to Santa and chatting it up. He's a ham and just loves the attention. 

This is probably my favorite picture of them all. I think it shows Owen's cute little personality, so smitten with the attention he was getting and fully aware of how adorable he is (major mom gushing moment right there) AND Santa's expression is like "Who IS this kid?".

When we were leaving Owen said "Bye, bye, Santa! Merry Christmas, ho ho ho". I'm pretty sure we can thank his sweet cousins for teaching him that because I don't know where he learned it, but it was the cutest thing I have every heard!

Although I know Santa already knows what's on O's wish list this year (TOYS, duh) I'll be sure to fill in any of the other elves (ahem, grandmas, ahem) later this week!


Colleen Sullivan said...

That is just too cute!! Owen is too much! You've got some great pictures for you to frame, I'm sure :)

Colleen Sullivan said...

So sweet! I especially love the pictures once he warmed up to Santa. Speaking of, what app to you use to make that 3 picture collage?

Colleen Sullivan said...

So stinkin precious!!!

Colleen Sullivan said...

He looks absolutely adorable! Santa was not so great for us this year and Estella loves everyone and will go to anyone but NOT Santa...maybe next year?!

Colleen Sullivan said...

What a cutie! I don't dare take Olivia because I'm afraid she'll flip out :)

Colleen Sullivan said...

He's so happy! What a cute photo :)