Meet the Sullivans: Owen is 23 Months!

January 8, 2014

Owen is 23 Months!

I'm incredibly late with this one, as Owen will be 24 months (that's TWO years!) in a little over a week, but I can't deny myself the chance to talk about my sweet little boy, so here we go!

What's new with Owen...

Music class was your jam. I took Owen to a special Christmas music class in the three weeks before Christmas. He loved playing with the larger drum before class, "singing" most of the songs and playing with the musical instruments. Most of the other children sit pretty quietly with their parents/grandparents, but Owen loves to run around and get involved. This kind of surprised the teacher some how, and she made it clear to me a few times. I could have gone all Mama Bear there, and defended my 2 year-old boy's right to have fun in a class that was meant to be fun, but I just smiled instead. Music class is supposed to be a time to get your wiggles out, right? ooking class is up next. Watch out, people! It will likely be a wild one. 

This and that. You surprised us one morning, Owen, by counting your cars all the way up to ten! We take every chance we can to make everyday things a learning experience for you, and often count the steps when we walk up and down them 3,345,389 times a day. We're proud of how smart you are! 

When one of us leaves the room you'll ask "Where ____ go?" and if I try to take a nap, like I did over the weekend to kick my cold, you want to come in and see me, so you'll say "See mommy now! See mommy more!" how could anyone resist that sweetness?

Who doesn't love food on a stick? Keith's sweet great-Aunt sent us an edible arrangement on Thanksgiving, and Owen went to town on the strawberries, melons and grapes. Never before had I seen him eat so much fruit. We all agreed that it had to be because he thought eating food off a stick was fun. I finally found a way to give him his food "on a stick" without using those pointy toothpicks they sell at all grocery stores. I picked up bamboo cocktail forks at Target to skewer his little foods onto and he's He'll even eat cucumber now!

To sleep, or not to sleep. I would have thought that by now we would be sleeping through the night and going down easy, but that it just not the case. Sometimes (mostly for naps) it seems like it is so easy to get you to fall asleep. Just yesterday you fell asleep in your Anywhere Chair while eating your lunch, but then nighttime is a whole different story. We do all the right things (book, bottle, calm environment, low light, etc), but most times that's still not enough to get you to wind down for bed.

Toys. He got lots of toys for Christmas, and I am sure there will be more coming in a few weeks when we celebrate his birthday. The favorite toy is still the light saber key chain lip balm thing Santa left in his stocking.

Social butterfly. He is happiest when he's surrounded by friends and family, especially if there are other children around. He asks for his cousins by name and often asks to go to their houses or to see them. It makes me very happy to know he'll have life-long friendships with them. We took him to The Tech Museum recently to see a Star Wars exhibit. Although the exhibit was not made for children his age he still enjoyed seeing the life size characters from the movie and the models of the spaceships.

Health. Owen is a growing and healthy little boy, but we had a little scare last month when we took him in for a cough he was fighting. While checking his breathing the doctor noticed a murmur. He assured us that many, many children (and adults) have murmurs, and int could mean nothing, but that we should take him to see a cardiologist to be checked-out. We were lucky enough to get an appointment for the next day, so my sister came with me to the appointment. They did an ekg (results were perfect, but he didn't like the stickers attaching the wires to him much -- no tears though!), a physical exam, and an ultrasound of his heart. Everything in his little body is working perfectly, and all the parts of his heart are there and intact, so the cardiologist deemed the murmur harmless. What a huge relief and a blessing from God that he really is as healthy and strong as he appears. We'll be back when he goes to Kindergarten for a check-in.

He's still a helper. 

Owen says: 
The boy is always, always talking! About 98% of the time I'm able to figure out what he has to say, but others can't always tell, which is kind of cute.

As I rock him to sleep every night in the dark...
Owen: "Mommy??"
Me: whispering "Yes?"
Owen: "I yove you, Mommy! I yove you!"
Me: " I love you too, Owen"
Owen: rubbing my arm "Yove your armies (arms) too Mommy! Yove armies!"

Same night a little later...
Owen: "Mommy Coyeen. Mommy, you Coyeen!"
Me: "Yes, my name is Colleen, but it's time to go to sleep"
Owen: "Dinny (Aunt KC) Coyeen too?"
Me: "No, Dinny is Dinny"

Dear Owen,

It is the greatest joy getting to be your mom and dad, and to watch you grow and learn is truly amazing. You're the sweetest, most passionate, happiest boy and we feel so BLESSED to have you as our son. How did we get so lucky?



Vanessa said...

Sweet Owen...he just gets cuter and cuter every month, if that's even possible! I'm SO glad to hear that everything checked out great with the cardiologist--such a blessing!

Happy early birthday, Owen :)

Jodi said...

Isn't having a little boy the best?! There are definitely moments but they are just so fun. And that music teacher...he's there to play. I find it hard to believe she's never come across active little ones before.

hello erin said...

happy 23 months!! how is he almost TWO!!! i seriously can't believe it. He's the sweetest lil guy ever. i LOVE HIM!!

Whitney said...

Hehe love where he said he loves your armies! :) Little boys are the sweetest! I'm so glad that all is well with him...I can imagine your worrying over that!

Emily said...

How is it almost time for them to be two???!? I have just loved watching him grow and he is truly such a precious boy. I just know he has the best personality ever! How fun, all that talking. I think I will melt into a million pieces the first time Owen says, "I love you." Happy 23 months sweet boy!!!

E Hayes said...

the conversation made me melt!

Tawnya Faust said...

Ha ha his little conversations are so sweet! I saw him eating with those cocktail forks on Instagram and I instantly thought this wAs a brilliant idea!! It's truly all in how you present the food, hey?!

Sara McCarty said...

He is so stinking cute! I can't believe he's going to be two! What happened to our little babies?! Love the conversations. What a sweetheart he is. :)

Erica Layne | Let Why Lead said...

Those conversations are too sweet! And that sounds suspenseful about the murmur. I'm relieved for you that he is as healthy as he acts!

Elizabeth [Chasin' Mason] said...

His little conversation is the cutest! Happy 23 months sweet boy!