Meet the Sullivans: Weekend Wrap Up

January 26, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

We had a great weekend over here with lots of time with our little family! It thankfully has seemed like a really long weekend, which is probably because we've packed so much fun into the last few days. And can I just say I watched the Grammy's last night and I was not all that impressed. I only watched until right after the Chicago / Robin Thicke peformace, which was maybe the best thing I saw. Am I really that old now that I don't get the performers?

Anyway, onto the fun!

The weekend started for us with a really fun play date with our playgroup at the park. I look forward to getting together with our friends in our play group, and try to get to the meet ups as often as we can. I always walk away from our play dates wishing we could get together more often. There is nothing as good for mama's soul as having time with her mom friends! When we came home I made a smoothie for lunch (Owen had real food) that was really good: mango, pineapple, banana, almond milk and a ton of ice.

Our little friend Amelia had her 2nd birthday party Saturday morning and invited us all over to celebrate. Amelia's mom threw her a sweet, simple, but incredibly FUN birthday party at home. There is nothing little kids love more than getting to just PLAY and they totally got to do that to their hearts content at the party. Owen especially loved pushing Amelia's little stroller around with Elmo in it. He was such a good daddy to Elmo too, stopping to check on him and offer him milk.

After we came home from the party, Owen had his nap and Keith was done with work we went to the park with my mom and sister. The weather has been so great here lately (although incredibly DRY), so we've been enjoying the park to the max. O loves digging in the sand with his "sand shovels" as he calls them. I know that's the correct name for them, but I want to remember that he likes to call them that too.

Saturday night we had burritos (duh, right?) and Owen finally got his own. I usually just give him chicken from my salad and some chips and fruit, but this time I thought he might like a real burrito like daddy gets, and he totally did! I think he just loves being like his daddy, and he looked too cute holding that giant bean and cheese burrito that was half the size of him.

Sunday night we took O to his very first Golden State Warriors games and it was pretty successful. He enjoyed cheering on his team and shouting "Defense!!" at all the right times, but he ALSO wanted to be court side. I don't blame him because that would be really fun, but yeah, not happening. So we ended up only staying until halftime.

Check out that boy clapping along with all the other fans! He totally does what I do (because I just can't stay focused and pay attention to the game) and just claps when everyone else claps! This totally fullfilled one of Keith's fatherhood dreams by the way. I think it was a big night for the both of my guys! 

And can I tell you I've been watching the Grammy's this whole time and so far I am not all that impressed with the performances, so we're off to bed to watch True Detective.


Christina @ Still Lucky said...

I was disappointed in The Grammy's too. Nothing held my attention. :( Oh well. Looks like a great weekend, I love getting together with our play group too. Good for mama and baby to hang out with others!

hello erin said...

Such a fun weekend!! I seriously love for seeing my mom friends!! And that burrito is bigger than o. I love it!!

Megan said...

So glad you had a great time at the game & how cute is O eating a life-size burrito...I bet the next diaper was fun! ;)

Hello Newlywed Life Blog

Jodi said...

It's great to get together with mom friends!

Courtney [Sweet Turtle Soup] said...

I love that he dove right in to the giant burrito! Now I want one though...

Jess Norden said...

What a fun weekend!!! We've started giving Cam "whole" things, too, like pizza slices and pbj sandwiches, and he just digs in! It causes quite a mess, but that's what baths are for, right?! Haha...I am so impressed he made it through half the game...what a big boy!! Have a great week!!