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February 20, 2014

DIY Elastic Hair Ties

I love to shop at Anthropologie. The store always smells lovely, and the clothes are beautiful. Last time I was in the store browsing around I saw those cute elastic hair ties I've been seeing everywhere. You know the ones I'm referring to, right? I was shocked when I picked them up and flipped them over to find they were selling them for 10 for $16. I love Anthro, but that seemed like a lot for a handful of hair ties-- especially since I lose them all the time!

So, I decided to make some of my own...

After doing a little Pinterest / Google research I found that fold over elastic sells for about $1 a yard (which will make roughly 3-4 hair ties), and you can buy a variety of colors, patterns and textures. My favorite place to purchase them from so far is Etsy, but you can buy them from Amazon and lots of other online retailers.

To start I purchased 10 or so yards in various colors and patterns. I wish I had bought some in metallic gold and silver too -- next time! Honestly, the hardest party was picking from all the variety.

For this project you'll need: 
5/8 inch fold over elastic
a standard piece of printer paper, for measurement

To make a pony tail: use the length (the longer side) of the printer paper to measure out your elastic. Don't pull the elastic tight or stretch it when measuring, you want it to just lay normally across the paper.

To make a headband: follow the same steps, but measure the elastic to 18 inches using a ruler or tape measure.

You'll want each piece of elastic you cut to be about 11 inches long (the length of a standard piece of paper). I cut mine a little shorter since I have fine hair. If you have really thick hair you'll want yours to be a tad longer.  

Simply fold the elastic in half to the ends measure up evenly, and tie them together in a tight knot.

I've heard some people say to singe the ends with a lighter to keep them from fraying, and you can totally do that too if you're concerned they'll fray. 

I think they make a nice little gift too to accompany any gift. Stretch them onto a piece of cardboard for nice presentation. They're an easy, inexpensive and FUN addition! The headbands are great for wearing to the gym too.


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE these!!!! And I love the prints you picked cute!

  2. There are so cute! I love the patterns you chose. Great tutorial!

  3. These are adorable! Such a great idea.

  4. so smart, and such a great gift too

  5. Sorry. My comment posted before I was finished. These won't work in my hair. Do you think if I played with the size that would make a difference?

  6. So cute and so easy!! I need to order some elastic STAT!!

  7. Very cute! I especially love the gray chevron one! :)

  8. Thanks for the inspiration:) These seem like they'd be great for little girls' hair too. Add this to my file for future hints:)

  9. Such a fun little project! We love the prints you've found!


  10. I love these!! I always see them but, like you, can't justify buying them!! I may have to try my hand at making some! :) Thanks for sharing!

  11. Those patterns are adorable! I've got to make some of these for my girls!

  12. How cute! I love Anthro too...great inspiration!

  13. I love this idea!! Now that I'm having a little girl, I'm bookmarking this for future use!

  14. So easy and so cute! I look at these EVERY time I go into a store and see them but cannot bring myself to pay that much for some elastic. Must get some elastic on etsy though and make these! Love that you gave the headband measurement too because I wear this type of headband almost everyday!

  15. Hello! My friends and I have a monthly crafting meeting and the month that I hosted, we made your DIY hair ties. Your tutorial was extremely easy to follow and, then, to teach the instructions to my girlfriends. They all loved this craft and thank you for posting this post!!


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