Meet the Sullivans: Kitchen Shortcuts + a chance to win $100

February 6, 2014

Kitchen Shortcuts + a chance to win $100

Who doesn't love shortcuts? I love them in any and all forms, so long as I get the same outcome as if I had not taken the easy way out, you know? Like reading the Cliff's Notes instead of the book? Nope, don't like that kind of shortcut. But using an apple slicer to cut a potato into perfectly shaped wedges for oven baked fries? LOVE it! Not only does a shortcut like that make a kitchen task easier, but it actually improves the intended outcome. Win-win!

One of my very favorite little shortcuts for prepping Owen's food is so obvious I'm surprised I didn't start doing it all long time ago!

I like using a pizza cutter to quickly and efficiently slice up quesadillas. It's so smooth and super quick and I love it!

See how easy it is? Especially when I'm making some for Keith and I too. The pizza cutter is sharp enough to cut right through the extra cheesy quesadilla in one fell swoop!

You're done in a snap and on to the next thing! Like clean up, laundry or another giant cup of coffee.

Now let me show you another super convinient and even more brilliant kitchen shortcut!

Let me introduce you to Golden Grain pasta's newest and most convenient product, Pot-Sized Spaghetti. Spaghetti and meatballs is one of my go to recipes for an easy and fast weeknight dinner. My family loves the meal and so do I. Whenever I make spaghetti though I always make a huge mess trying to break the uncooked noodles in half. Little pieces go flying all over the stove and floor, which makes an easy meal not as easy anymore. I'm so happy to have an option now that allows me to keep this simple meal simple, and just toss the pot-sized pasta pieces right into the boiling water with no extra mess!

I also really like that the box has a measuring tool that helps you figure out how much pasta equals one serving. This is something I can never figure out on my own, so I find it very helpful! 

I was able to measure out just enough pasta for one serving with the help of the little diagram. 

Now here comes the part you'll really be interested in... a chance to win a $100 American Express Gift card! 

To be entered to win all you'll need to do is head on over to Golden Grain Pasta's Facebook page and vote for one of the “Share Your Shortcut” ideas -- hopefully mine!! 


hello erin said...

Ok. That quesadilla looks WAY better than the ones i make! And something that tells you what a serving size is? SIGN ME UP.

Jess Norden said...

I have never thought to use an apple slicer for're a genius. :)

Ashlynn said...

I love all of these ideas! Anything to make a mom's life a little easier! Newest follower :)

Christina @ Still Lucky said...

I use a pizza cutter for quesadillas too! Great ideas.

Jodi said...

Love these shortcut ideas!

E Hayes said...

I have a utensil that supposed to tell serving size and I've used it never. This would be so much more convenient, not to mention not having to snap the pasta.